40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (2024)

Get over 40 ideas for Valentine’s Day boxes that kids will love to make! These unique Valentine’s Day box ideas are perfect for classroom, parties, home, and more – your kids will love these.

Skills Required: Beginner to Intermediate. Most of these are pretty easy . . . but some of them (like the ice cream truck) take a little more time and probably need parents’ help.

40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (1)

When I was young I took great delight in making my valentine boxes each year. I’ve been creative my whole life, and Valentine’s Day was one of those opportunities Ialways took to let my little crafty freak flag fly!

My mom always got into thinking about valentine boxes as well and would help me come up with some good ideas . . . then she’d buy the supplies for my execution . . . or get stuff out of the recycling bin.

I have to say my mom was really good at putting cereal/shipping containers and some store bought supplies together to make some really unique and creative Valentine’s Day mailboxes for us.

Of course she’d have the most brilliant ideas out of all of us, and then we would execute. It was one of those times that my four brothers and I would work together. We absolutely loved making our boxes!

If you’re looking for some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day box ideas for your littles, I’ve got some great ideas for you! While they look fancy, a lot of household supplies are used (including recyclables) and they are pretty easy to put together.

Because what we’re all looking for is a project that 1) is fun to create and 2) looks as good as possible for as little effort as possible. Well – maybe not all the time, but at least for children with a short attention span!

Surfaces You Can Use

Just about anything can be used to make these unique valentine boxes! I recommend saving cereal boxes, shoeboxes, shipping boxes, oatmeal containers, magazine holders, paper plates, and just about any paper material you can from the recycle bin.

It’s fun to take a shape of a container and visualize what it could be. I like to do this with all sorts of crafts, but it’s especially fun for this type of holiday craft.

Paint to Use

For these projects (the ones that use paint), I recommend Apple Barrel brand. The reason is because it’s waterbase, acrylic, and made in the USA. It’s safe for kids and easy to clean up. Plus it’s budget friendly!

These box ideas are going to thrill your kids. And probably you as well. If you make one to take to work and put on your desk, I won’t blame you. Learn how to make a valentine box below.

Valentine's Day Box Ideas

Get cool Valentine's day boxes that kids will loving making! Perfect for the classroom.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (2)

Princess Castle

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

This beautiful princess castle Valentine's Day box will be the highlight of the party! You can make this one with a box, toilet paper rolls, and paint.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (3)

Shimmering Unicorn

Photo Credit:Steve Carrell

Learn how to make a very unique unicorn valentines box with Duck Tape! Grab a shoebox and the free patterns – kids will love to make this!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (4)

Heart Pepperoni Pizza

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

This unique Valentine's Day box will surely make everyone's mouth water! I think the heart pepperonis are super cute.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (5)

Lovable Llama

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

This quirky llama valentine box idea will be the talk of your child's classroom! Grab an oatmeal container, some pom poms, and cotton balls. It's super cute and takes no time at all to make.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (6)

Panda Bear

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

This one is made from a cereal box and paper plates! You can make the feet and eye circles with either wood pieces or with craft foam.

Do you ever use craft foam? I love it but don't use it enough! Also - the pipe cleaner bamboo is just about as cute as it gets.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (7)

Happy Camper

Photo Credit:suzyssitcom.com

Do you have an obsession with campers? Who doesn't! They are just so darling. Learn how to turn cardboard and paint into this cute little caravan for collecting valentines.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (8)

It’s so easy to make this “pugs and kisses” valentine box! So sweet for either boys or girls, and great for the classroom. Plus you get to use googly eyes!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (9)

Sweet Little Monster

Photo Credit:makingtheworldcuter.com

Need a valentine box for your child’s classroom exchange, but want it to be cute . . . but more importantly, want it to be easy? This monster is exactly what you are looking for!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (10)

Gnome with Balloons

Photo Credit:funmoneymom.com

This little loving gnome is whimsical and fun and the perfect way for kids to collect their classroom valentines from friends at school!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (11)

Sweet Sloth

Photo Credit:www.artsyfartsymama.com

Can you wrap a cereal box in crepe paper? Then you are halfway to making the coolest sloth card box for your kids' classroom. I mean it's so easy - they could probably make it themselves.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (12)

Hot Air Balloons

Photo Credit:www.fun365.orientaltrading.com

Even if your kids don’t need to make valentine boxes for school, this fun kid-friendly craft is perfect for writing and collecting love notes at home.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (13)

All Aboard the Love Train

Photo Credit:www.wherethesmileshavebeen.com

Make a card box out of basic household items and a few fun embellishments! Hop aboard the Love Train this February.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (14)

Yellow Submarine

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

Apparently we all live in a Yellow Submarine - so might as well celebrate! This is so easy and cute and a perfect use of an oatmeal container. See how many people recognize what song it's fromg!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (15)

Simple Pink and Black Mailbox

Photo Credit:Allie S

Not everyone is looking for something over the top to collect their valentine cards, but that doesn't mean you don't want something unique! This simple mailbox is perfectly easy to make but still stands out!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (16)

DIY Mermaid Tail

Photo Credit:Alice & Lois

A template is provided is the post so you can make a mermaid tail card box for your valentine's! It would be a hit for a Valentine's Day party! Plus you can throw in a little Mod Podge Sparkle if you're feeling glittery.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (17)

Robot Mailbox

Photo Credit:Making of a Mom

If you have a Silhouette, then Jason provides a file that makes cutting out all the pieces for this Valentine's Day box a snap! If not, that's okay. You can use the idea to make your own version (it's still easy to cut).

PS - here's another simple version with a kleenex box!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (18)

Time to Blast Off

Photo Credit:thejoysofboys.com

Make this Valentine's Day a BLAST! Learn how to make a rocket box with your child to collect the classroom cards in. It's really easy to personalize and kids can help.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (19)

Flower Garden

Photo Credit:make-it-your-own.com

If you have a Kleenex box, you can easily turn it into a flower garden card collector! Not only is there a video at the post, but there is also a free print file for the flowers. Easy peasy!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (20)

Life Sized Photo Box

Photo Credit:wendyjanelle.blogspot.com

This Valentine's Day box idea put a smile on my face! You don't need anything fancy but some clothing and a life sized picture of your kid! You'll need to cut and tape a box down a bit, but you can use some of the other tutorials to guide you as to how to do that. Super simple!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (21)

Piranha Plant

Photo Credit:Leslie Manlapig

For the Nintendo loving child, this Super Mario piranha plant valentine box is going to be a favorite! I love the bold and bright colors, too. I really want to add a jumping Mario.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (22)

Kitty Cat

Photo Credit:prettyplainjanes.com

Some of my favorite boxes are made with crepe paper because it covers a lot of area, and you can fringe it for a lot of interest. This kitty cat valentine box was made with crepe paper and a round hat box, and you'll just have to add a few small details after wrapping it.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (23)

Pom Pom Heart

Photo Credit:designimprovised.com

This DIY pom-pom heart Valentines box is such a fun girls Valentine's Day card box idea. Just cover a paper mache heart box with Valentine colored pom poms!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (24)

Gumball Machine

Photo Credit:overthebigmoon.com

These fun gumball valentines and gumball valentines box are such a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day! They're so easy to make and so much fun for kids to hand out to all their friends.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (25)


Photo Credit:thejoysofboys.com

This R2D2 Valentine box would be a hit with any Star Wars fan.Plus it can double as an R2D2 garbage can once Valentine's Day is over.!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (26)

Taco Tuesday

Photo Credit:www.artsyfartsymama.com

Taco 'bout awesome! Collect Valentines in this adorable taco valentine card box! Made with cardboard, duct tape, and lots of tissue paper. It's really easy.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (27)

Frog Cereal Box Mailboxes

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

Inexpensive and earth friendly! Turn leftover cereal cardboard containers into cute Valentine boxes. This is one of the easiest ideas we've seen - so easy that even a child can make their own. Once they're filled up, just grab the handle and take it home.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (28)

Bumble Bee

Photo Credit:www.lifewithfingerprints.com

Once the peanut butter pretzel tub is done, don't throw it away - turn it into a sweet bee to collect valentine cards! This is really easy to make with simple craft supplies.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (29)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Photo Credit:www.designdazzle.com

A simple and classic idea - Mickey and Minnie Mouse valentine card box including a free printable. "I'm all ears for you"! Your kids will love it!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (30)

Whoo Will Be Mine?

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

Want to turn a cereal box into an owl? You can!! It's just a matter of cutting out pieces of paper and using Mod Podge to apply them.

Decorative punches can be used to achieve the scalloped edges, but you don't need them. But what you do need are the wiggly eyes. They make this Valentine's Day box!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (31)

Big Eyed Monster

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

This card collecting box is cool because it works for both boys and girls! I love how easy it is to make, plus kids can customize their monster with the colors and glitter of their choice.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (32)

Punch Buggy

Photo Credit:thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

This was originally designed as a pinata, but this Valentine's Day love bug also works as a card collector! Simply lift up the trunk. Brittany also has a hot air balloon and red lips at the post.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (33)

Football Field

Photo Credit:www.gingercasa.com

Are you in need of an idea for a quick valentine box? Make Valentine's Day extra special for your sports loving kid with this football field card box idea!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (34)

Unicorn Head with Horn

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

This is a different version of a unicorn valentine box made with a Kleenex box! It also uses yarn, toilet paper rolls, tissue, and a few other supplies you probably have in your craft stash.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (35)

Frog Prince

Photo Credit:Morena Hockley

I love it when a craft using several materials in a unique way. You can make this Frog Prince out of a milk jug with some other simple supplies!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (36)

Pokemon Pikachu

Photo Credit:www.thescrapshoppeblog.com

This DIY Pokémon Pikachu Valentine box is perfect for your Pokémon-loving kid and their school Valentine’s Day party!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (37)

Baby Yoda

Photo Credit:funmoneymom.com

This Baby Yoda DIY valentine box will be the envy of all your child’s classmates! It’s super cute and easy to make using the free printable template.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (38)


Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

Lots of people do boxes, but do they do totes? This is a great idea for teacher to make for her desk! You can use a cereal box to make it. Create the "XOXO" out of stencils or adhesive letters.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (39)

Rubik's Cube

Photo Credit:peppermintplum.blogspot.com

If you like simple and you like a good Rubik's cube puzzle, this is going to be a fun Valentine's Day box idea to pull together. I really love craft foam and you get to use a lot of it in this project!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (40)

Love Day Locker

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

Make a valentine box for school that is actually school themed - with this cute locker! I love that this is made from a value sized fruit snack box . . . plus you can decorate the inside any way you like, like a kid would their real school locker!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (41)

Ice Cream Truck

Photo Credit:plaidonline.com

This ice cream truck is one of my favorite valentine box ideas of all time! This will likely need parental help for assembly, but I think it's worth it, don't you? It's made out of a cardboard magazine holder, which is kind of (okay, completely!) genius.

Tip: if you don't want to get the stencils suggested in the post, just use adhesive letters from the craft store. You can probably find ice cream cone stickers too!


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (42)

John Deere Tractor

Photo Credit:sarahjoyblog.com

Turning a shoebox into a tractor for Valentine's Day cards isn't as hard as you might think! Grab your yellow, black, and green construction paper for this project.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (43)

Crocodile with Teeth

Photo Credit:thejoysofboys.com

I've always wondered what I could do with the dishwasher tablet container when it's done - and now I know! This happy crocodile is ready to collect all the classroom valentines and he promises not to eat the candy.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (44)

Cutest Panda-corn

Photo Credit:Carissa Bonham

Do you love pandas? Do you love unicorns? You will ESPECIALLY love this magical panda unicorn valentines box! Carissa even has a free printable pattern you can use to make it.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (45)

Cardboard Mailbox

Photo Credit:littleredwindow.com

This is the kind of valentines box that any young, budding postal worker would love! This is so cute and you can use online logos and graphics to make it look official.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (46)

DIY Dinosaur

Photo Credit:www.savvymamalifestyle.com

Create a DIY dinosaur box for a classroom party, in just five easy steps - kids can decorate. Plus, get some free printable Valentine's Day cards.


40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (47)

Rocket Booster

Photo Credit:onecreativemommy.com

Little girls or boys looking for valentine box ideas will love this heart rocket booster! It's perfect for class parties and they can wear it, too.

If you like these unique valentines box ideas, check out this tutorial for this DIY valentine’s tic tac toe game! You can put candy or free Valentine’s printables within. It makes a great gift that you can use again and again.

40+ DIY Valentine's Day Boxes (2024)


What do you fill a Valentine's box with? ›

Greeting Card: A heartfelt Valentine's Day card with a personalized message expressing love, gratitude, or affection is a classic addition to a Valentine's box. Chocolates or Candy: Valentine's Day is often synonymous with sweet treats like chocolates, candies, or other confections.

What are Valentines boxes for? ›

Beyond just being a family-friendly craft project, Valentine's boxes are also ideal for storing all the delicious homemade treats, candies and cute trinkets your kids may gather on the festive holiday. And let's not forget about all of those cards from school!

How to make a dog Valentine box? ›

I started by cutting out a big mouth in one end of the box. Then I covered the whole box with the fake fur using hot glue to secure it to the box. Make a tail out of the fur and glue it to the dogs back side. Cut ears out of whatever fur you have left and hot glue pink felt to the non-furry side.

How do you make a Valentine box out of a shoebox? ›

To make: Cut a slit in the top of a shoebox, then cover the top and bottom of the box with pink paper. Then cover it with heart-shaped stickers.

What do you put in a box of love? ›

One of the best way to do this is to enclose things that will spark memories. If you have any photos you took together early on in the relationship, add them into the box. If you have any souvenirs (like concert tickets) of things you've seen together, put those in too.

What is the most popular item for celebrating Valentine's Day? ›

While flowers, candy and greeting cards still top the list of main gifts, younger generations are shifting the way Valentine's Day is being celebrated, looking beyond traditional gifts.

How do you tastefully decorate for Valentine's Day? ›

Mix Candy and Flowers

The first is a wide vase, the second is a bunch of candy hearts, and the third is a few fresh stems of your favorite flower. If you want to go the extra mile, tie a bow around the whole thing and set it on the dining table.

Do girls buy stuff for Valentine's Day? ›

Despite the fact that 41% of U.S. adults feel neutral about the holiday, the rise in women purchasing gifts for themselves – and single women in particular celebrating on their terms – is certainly a strong signal that the day is far from being a wash.

What are the candy hearts called for Valentine's Day? ›

Sweethearts (also known as conversation hearts) are small heart-shaped sugar candies sold around Valentine's Day. Each heart is printed with a message such as "Be Mine", "Kiss Me", "Call Me", "Let's Get Busy", or "Miss You".

How do you make heart-shaped dog treats? ›

Thoroughly whisk together eggs, pumpkin and peanut butter in a mixing bowl. Add mixture to flour in a separate bowl and knead into dough. Roll out dough with a roller until it's approximately 1/2 inch thick. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for special Valentine's Day themed treats to cut out shapes from the dough.

How to make a simple Valentine gift? ›

Your take on homemade Valentine's gifts might mean an easy craft (anything heart-shaped will do), a sweet treat (think chocolates, pink candies or homemade donuts) or a DIY Valentine's Day card. Whatever your style, this roundup proves it's easier than expected to make your own presents.

How to make a Valentine's basket? ›

Fill your gift basket with a variety of packaged sweets: we suggest popcorn drizzled with Candy Melts candy or candy-coated pretzels. Complete your basket with a few romantic DVD's and a big, cozy blanket!

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