Are Alex Wassabi And Lexi Still Together | Repeat Replay (2024)

Title: Are Alex Wassabi and Lexi Still Together? Exploring Their Relationship in 2023


Alex Wassabi and Lexi Rivera have been a prominent couple in the world of social media, capturing the hearts of millions with their entertaining content. However, as relationships in the public eye often face scrutiny and speculation, fans have been curious about the current status of their relationship in 2023. In this article, we will delve into their journey, shedding light on their bond, and revealing interesting facts about Alex Wassabi and Lexi Rivera.

1. A Blossoming Romance:
Alex Wassabi and Lexi Rivera’s love story began in 2018 when they went public with their relationship. They shared their journey through vlogs, collaborations, and heartwarming Instagram posts, quickly becoming a beloved couple among their fans.

2. A Dynamic Duo:
Both Alex Wassabi and Lexi Rivera are YouTube sensations in their own right. Alex, born on March 28, 1990, in Montana, has gained immense popularity on his self-titled YouTube channel, amassing over 11 million subscribers. Lexi, born on June 7, 1997, in California, has also made a name for herself with her channel, “Lexi Hensler,” which boasts over 5 million subscribers.

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3. Height, Weight, and Other Details:
Alex Wassabi stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall, while Lexi Rivera is 5 feet 5 inches tall. As for their weight and other personal details, it is essential to respect their privacy and recognize that such information may not be publicly available.

4. Collaborative Ventures:
Alex and Lexi have frequently collaborated on YouTube, showcasing their chemistry and love for each other. Their joint videos often feature exciting challenges, pranks, and heartfelt moments, which have contributed to their immense popularity as a couple.

5. Social Media Presence:
Both Alex and Lexi have a strong presence on various social media platforms. They actively share updates about their lives and relationship on Instagram, where they have a combined follower count of over 12 million. Their posts offer a glimpse into their love story, capturing special moments and milestones.

Common Questions about Alex Wassabi and Lexi Rivera:

1. Are Alex Wassabi and Lexi still together in 2023?
Yes, as of 2023, Alex and Lexi are still happily together.

2. How long have Alex and Lexi been dating?
They have been dating since 2018, making it more than five years of togetherness.

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3. Have Alex and Lexi ever broken up?
Throughout their relationship, there have been no confirmed reports of a breakup between Alex and Lexi.

4. Did Alex and Lexi get married?
As of now, Alex and Lexi have not publicly announced any plans for marriage.

5. How often do Alex and Lexi collaborate on YouTube?
Alex and Lexi frequently collaborate on each other’s channels, showcasing their shared passion for content creation.

6. What are their individual YouTube channels about?
Alex Wassabi’s channel features vlogs, challenges, and comedic skits, while Lexi Rivera’s channel focuses on lifestyle content, challenges, and vlogs.

7. How tall is Alex Wassabi?
Alex Wassabi stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall.

8. What is Lexi Rivera’s height?
Lexi Rivera is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

9. Do Alex and Lexi have any pets?
Yes, they have a pet dog named Bosley, who often makes appearances in their vlogs.

10. What are their ages?
As of 2023, Alex Wassabi is 33 years old, and Lexi Rivera is 26 years old.

11. How many subscribers do Alex and Lexi have on YouTube?
Alex Wassabi has over 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, while Lexi Rivera has over 5 million subscribers.

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12. Do they have any joint projects outside of YouTube?
While they primarily focus on their individual channels, Alex and Lexi have collaborated on sponsored content and brand partnerships.

13. How do they manage their busy schedules and relationship?
Alex and Lexi prioritize communication, understanding, and supporting each other’s personal and professional endeavors, which helps them maintain a healthy work-life balance.

14. Are they planning to start a family in the near future?
As of now, there have been no public announcements regarding their plans to start a family.


In the ever-evolving realm of social media, Alex Wassabi and Lexi Rivera have continued to thrive as a couple, capturing the hearts of their fans with their infectious chemistry and engaging content. As of 2023, their relationship remains strong, with both individuals continuing to pursue their respective passions while supporting each other along the way. With their commitment and dedication, Alex and Lexi continue to inspire their followers, proving that love can thrive in the public eye.

Are Alex Wassabi And Lexi Still Together | Repeat Replay (2024)
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