Mugshots Finder | How to Find My Mugshots Online (2024)

There are many ways to find mugshots, no matter if you’re looking for your own or someone else’s. Both state and federal governments consider mug shots part of public records, which can be accessed by anyone. Thanks to fast-developing technology, you can find mugshots online now.

Mugshots Finder

1. Google it

This is the easiest way to find a mug shot if you know the person’s name. Type the name into your search engine and click Search, there will be a list of information related to the name.

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To narrow down the search result, adding mugshot after the person’s name in the search box would save you some time. Google images search is a quick tool to help you find mugshots.

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This may help you find mugshots if you’re lucky. But don’t be upset if you can’t find anything. You’re not alone. Usually, people can’t find mugshots just through search engines, especially they’re looking for common names. The following methods would help.

2. Find a mugshot from police department website

The local police department definitely should be the go-to option to find mugshots. If someone has been arrested, no matter for what, the first thing they do is to take a mug shot. Then the police department would make mug shots online publicly available almost instantly.

Stopping at the police station to request a report is a classic way to find a mugshot. But now, you can visit local police department websites to get the report. As long as you have the inmate’s location, which is the county where the person was booked, you can search for prisoner’s mugshots online.

1) Type the county sheriff’s office and search in the browser. Here we take Maricopa as an example.

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2) Click Mugshot Lookup to find mugshots.

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Some states publish mugshots online for free, but some states limit and charge for access to mugshots in the private sector. You have to pay a service fee per single report.

3. Search on Truthfinder

Truthfinder is one of the most reliable people search websites that allows you to find mugshots, public records, education records, contact info, and more. This site provides accurate and up-to-date information that you can search anonymously. Running a background check on Truthfinder is the easiest way to check someone is who they are because it’s the one-stop website containing almost everything information you can find online.

1) Go to the Truthfinder website.

2) Enter the first name, last name as well as the state, then click Search.

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3) Truthfinder will give you a list of name that matches. Find one and open the report.

4) You’ll receive a detailed report and find the mugshots in the criminal section.

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4. Search the state’s and federal prison records

State and federal have separate systems, which means some records only hold in one place. Therefore, you can check federal bureau websites and state inmate searches to find mugshots.

State sex offender registry

Every state has a sex offender registry, which you can find by searching for “state name + sex offender registry”. This is a good resource to find a mugshot because it would contain mugshots and even though some states don’t provide mugshot lookup.

1) Type state name sex offender registry and search on the internet.

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2) Find the state sex offender registry official website and search on it. As every state varies, you probably need to dig down to find the search place.

3) Enter the person’s name and search. You may need to pay for the report.
Some states offer map search so you can use location to search for sex offenders.

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This method only works when the person has been convicted of a sex offense. Also, in most states, the number of mugshots is limited.

Check the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons website (BOP) was established in 1930. It holds federal inmates incarcerated from 1982 to the present. This website only tell you whether a person was convicted of federal crimes and was ever in federal prison and when they were released.

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You can’t find a mug shot on this site, but you can have a better understanding of the person’s background.

Mugshots that can’t be found online

I have tried all the methods, but still can’t find mugshots online. There are a variety of reasons why:

  • Some police departments offer services to take down mugshots from websites. The individual may have had the charges and conviction expunged or sealed.
  • Some authority departments limit access to mugshots online
  • It could be been a mistaken identity situation so the mugshots have been deleted.
  • The records are too old

That’s all about how to find mugshots online. If you’re wondering how to find my mugshots or trying to find others’ mugshots, hope this post will help. If you’re looking for ways to delete your mugshots online or you have law questions, you can ask a lawyer online.

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Mugshots Finder | How to Find My Mugshots Online (2024)
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