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Jaehyun believed that he had truly found two of his greatest friends while being an MC at MCountdown — he, Sohee and Hanbin were practically the best of friends every time they were together on stage. Jaehyun felt homely with them, even speaking about his troubles and trepidations outside of work. As much as he loved Sohee to bits, he found that he was much closer with Hanbin, even if by just a harline of a fraction. Hanbin was just so nice — sweet, caring and an awfully good listener. Any advice he gave was probably the neutral good response, choosing peace over escalation — such a genuinely nice person was hard to find.

Jaehyun never thought further than 'Hanbin and I are really good friends' because it never came to a situation in which he'd have to overthink his friendship with the older. They were practically best friends and he never came across any situation that would interfere with his perception of Hanbin. That was, until Jaehyun made his usual quip about Hanbin's awfully handsome face during a livestream and the older seemed visibly shifted in response.

Hanbin was still bubbly and smiley, but even Jaehyun could tell that he felt the slightest bit of discomfort at Jaehyun's remark. He pushed it to the side, subconsciously not bringing it up again. Hopefully Sohee didn't notice and became uncomfortable as well. Jaehyun felt a slight tension, but ignored it enough for it to not become a problem. The livestream had sailed smoothly, but as soon as the live had ended, Hanbin disappeared off to the bathrooms almost instantly.

"Is Hanbin hyung okay?" Sohee suddenly asked, mere seconds after Hanbin left the two alone in the waiting room. The staff that stood behind the camera were still in the room, making Jaehyun rather hesitant to reply. "I mean, he looked okay. He seemed fine. But something was... sour."

Jaehyun's eyes flicked over to the staff — they were listening. "Maybe he's just in a bad mood, y'know? He's so professional about it, too."

"I'll ask him in a private chat later — he seems upset with something, or someone."

Jaehyun must be a bad friend because he couldn't tell at all that Hanbin was upset. Maybe he just ignored it so much that he failed to notice Hanbin's — apparently — foul mood. "I'll try to message him as well. Or you do it — maybe he'll get annoyed if we both ask at the same time or something."

The staff finally left, bowing to the two idols while chatting indistincively behind their masks. Sohee smiled at Jaehyun when the door opened and his manager peeked in. "I'll see you in the dressing room, Jaehyunnie."

Jaehyun waved his hand as Sohee left, leaving him all alone in the quiet waiting room. Should he go out to look for Hanbin? No, maybe the oldest wanted a moment to himself. He and Hanbin were close but maybe not close enough for Jaehyun to barge in demand Hanbin to explain why he's upset. It was with this that Jaehyun realised that he and Hanbin were more like close acquaintances — he had no place in Hanbin's mind.

It felt that way, at least.

Jaehyun stepped out the room, closing the door quietly behind him as he checked the time on his phone. It was nearly 8pm, so most of the staff had gone home. Some directors and cleaning staff walked here and there, but no one that would berate Jaehyun for walking around. But the only thought on Jaehyun's mind was that he and Hanbin were friends — he should feel concerned for how he feels! If Sohee could pick up that he was upset, then maybe there's an underlying problem that he probably just needs to talk about with someone.

Jaehyun wanted to be that person for Hanbin.

Jaehyun's first guess was the bathroom — maybe he just had to take a sh*t. Then again, knowing their shared humor, he would've expressed it somehow either using euphemism or outright saying he has a stomachache. The corridor was practically empty, even if work never really stopped at the offices — there were just less people than the middle of the day, for example. Jaehyun opened the door, stopping as he made eye contact with Sung Hanbin leaning over the sink, face splashed with water as the faucet still ran litres down the drain.

"... hyung—"

"I'll see you next week, Jaehyun-ah."

Hanbin closed the tap, picking up a paper towel he had already torn off to dab his face dry before tossing the paper, attempting to walk past Jaehyun, but the younger grabbed his wrist to keep him in place. Hanbin flicked a stern gaze at the younger, but his eyes softened at Jaehyun's perplexed expression. "Hyung, what... what's wrong? You seem upset, but looking at you now, it's like you're mad at me."


"Look at the contempt in your eyes. You're angry at something — or someone," Jaehyun said, truthfully only analysing his face in that instance. "Can I help you in any way, hyung? Do you need a hug?"

"Jaehyun, I'm fine," Hanbin spoke softly as he pulled his wrist away from the other. "I'm a grown man — don't worry about me."

Jaehyun hated that distant look in Hanbin's eyes, as if he was annoyed with Jaehyun. He felt as if he did something horrible and he felt worse not knowing what he did. "Hyung... what did I do...?"

"Nothing, Jaehyun! God, just leave me alone!" Hanbin exclaimed, turning away and leaving the bathroom. Jaehyun could only watch quietly, his heart clenching in his chest. He waited a few moments before leaving the bathroom, feeling heart sink all the way to his toes. Had he made Hanbin so upset that even the sweet, kind Sung Hanbin had to yell at him?

It felt horrible.

Jaehyun was nothing more than a young man experiencing a frustrating youth, despite his already chosen career taking him on a steady path forward. Being an idol had its social limits, but being an idol didn't suddenly stop his hormones from raging every now and then. Restrictions led to Jaehyun never dating someone, having to keep himself single to keep up the illusion for his fans. Restrictions led to him being a virgin in his early twenties when most of his childhood friends (males, mostly, because of social stereotypes) bragging that they got down and dirty over the weekend with a girlfriend or one-night stand.

Leaving Jaehyun behind in the dust.

Then again, Jaehyun never thought about what he liked unless he was raging with horniness at 1am, scrolling through that familiar orange and black-themed website as he looked for something to watch. He scrolled past various videos, settling on one that involved a standard large-co*cked man and a standard fat-arsed woman. They were all the same at the end of the day, anyway.

But he couldn't concentrate. His mind was still on the mini argument of sorts he had with Hanbin a few days before. That angry look in his eyes was... definitely something. They hadn't spoken since that day, choosing silence over tackling the situation at all. Jaehyun found it difficult to jack off if Hanbin was on his mind the whole time.


Sung Hanbin.


Jaehyun never thought about what he liked unless he was raging with horniness at 1am.

Sung Hanbin.

He locked his phone, stopping the audio in his ears of the woman's loud moaning. It wasn't that hot, anyway. His hand still clasped his co*ck ever so lightly as he closed his eyes. Maybe there was a reason Hanbin was on his mind because Jaehyun never thought about what he liked unless he was raging with horniness at 1am.

He gave in to the inevitable thought of his hyung — his friend, Sung Hanbin. He never thought of anyone he knew in such a manner before — if anything, it'd make him feel more awkward with Hanbin. However, nothing was satisfying him at that moment, so why not try? Jaehyun allowed his imagination to run wild, but one thing was apparent — why has his brain subconsciously decided that Hanbin would be above him? Nonetheless, the thought excites him — Hanbin peppering soft kisses to his neck, stopping at his collarbone to bite and suck ever so gently. He'd feel Hanbin's hands hold his hips, running circles across his skin with his thumbs. Hanbin's lips against his own, their tongues creating a mess of shared saliva.

Hanbin's hand around his co*ck as he urged Jaehyun to climax all over himself.

Before Jaehyun knows it, he had cum all over his hand, trickling down his fingers to his thighs.

Jaehyun sighed, glancing at his darkened phone screen in disappointment — mostly in himself. He couldn't believe that the mere thought of his fellow MC was enough to make blow his load. Well, there were added thoughts, but he wasn't supposed to imagine Hanbin above him at all. It was 1am, though, so it was fine — he was allowed to think about what he liked.

He came down from his high, stroking his length gently with his fingers as his mind wandered to Hanbin once more. This time, his mind wandered where it definitely shouldn't have. He imagined his body, hot with sweat, below Hanbin, his body shivering with pleasure every time Hanbin slammed his co*ck deep inside him. He imagined Hanbin whispering dirty little profanities in his ears, making sure that Jaehyun's body was spent and used to its full potential.

He imagined Hanbin sucking on his neck, making marks for everyone to see. Marks that would get him into trouble at work. Marks that would drive him insane. His lower body throbbed with a dull neediness, feeling empty and unused. All he could do was f*ck into his hands desperately as he tried to release again.

Oh, how this dry org*sm made his body shake with the anticipation of nothing.

He could use his fingers, though.

No, no, no, that would be a step too far.

His cum spilled over his co*ck, trickling down his fingers and throbbing sensitivity. He felt pathetic, his body coming loose at the mere thought of his coworker and friend. Hanbin, Hanbin, Hanbin. It was all he could do. He would never have the gall — the audacity — to step forward and ask Hanbin to help him discover what he likes. They still haven't spoken, of course, so it was still quiet between them.

That is, until that very moment.

His phone buzzed as a message came through and he picked the device up, closing the incognito tab with a disappointed sigh and opening his message app. Hanbin's name was highlighted right on top, his name in bold with an unread message.

bini hyung
> i know you're awake

Jaehyun felt his cheeks burning as he opened the message.

> how did you know

bini hyung
> i had a feeling
> come to the underground parking lot

Jaehyun managed to sneak out the dorm, waiting quietly for Hanbin's car to pull up in the underground parking area. He saw the car come through the entrance, driving slowly as if to search for him. Jaehyun waved his phone, the flash on to indicate his location. Hanbin pulled into the closest parking spot and Jaehyun stopped beside the car as the window rolled down. Hanbin simply nodded his head to the passenger seat, inviting Jaehyun into the vehicle.

The air was thick. Jaehyun felt extremely awkward because he had literally just jacked off to the mere thought of Hanbin, so he did his best to avoid the other's eyes. Hanbin turned his head, catching Jaehyun's attention. The shirt he wore exposed that damn attractive tattoo in the centre of his upper chest. Jaehyun had questioned the symbolism before, but had forgotten at that point. Something about the rising sun or whatever.

"Jaehyun-ah, I'm... I'm sorry..."

Jaehyun nodded slightly. "It's fine. I shouldn't have barged into your business. I should've just given you space."

"Which you did, so... thank you."

Was that it? Was that the reason Hanbin came over at ass-o'clock in the morning? To apologise so easily and not even explain himself? Jaehyun looked up at him, the darkness casting over them and preventing Hanbin from seeing his flustered cheeks. Well, he hoped Hanbin couldn't see anything — he couldn't see much, anyway, but that's because he was exhausted. "Well, u-uhm... I'll be heading back upstairs if we're done h—"

"No, Jaehyun. I'm not done."

Jaehyun waited patiently for the other to continue, holding his hands in front of him politely. "S-sorry."

"Jaehyun, I like you." This caused Jaehyun to whip his head to the side, eyes as big as saucers. Before he could deliver input, Hanbin continued speaking. "I panicked and tried to push you away, but I realised that would interfere with work. Telling you how I feel would be worse. It sparked up recently, so... it's not like I'm madly in love with you or anything. I didn't want to feel weird around you and not tell you, because I was afraid that liking you would turn into loving you."

"..." Jaehyun was speechless.

Hanbin flashed a small smile. "I just wanted to get that off my chest. No, I'm not drunk — I wouldn't be driving if I was. I'm 100% sure that I have feelings for you and I can never act on it because liking guys in the real world off camera is weird. I mean, if I'm ever touchy with another guy, it's just fanservice. I know this probably made you really uncomfortable, bu—"

"Hyung." He held his breath — was this even appropriate? "I... I don't know what I like, b-but... I've been curious lately. Can you...?" He couldn't even bear to say it. "Can you kiss me?"

Jaehyun was beyond embarrassed at that suggestion, ever so glad that the darkness was hiding his face. He felt a hand on his cheek, letting out a noise of confusion as he felt a pair of lips latch onto his own. Both paused in place, unsure of how to continue. Jaehyun hadn't kissed a guy before, so he felt rather helpless. Hanbin was first to make a move, turning his head to have a more comfortable position against Jaehyun's lips. Jaehyun pulled away as he felt Hanbin attempt to press his tongue past his lips, but the other drew him straight back in, forcefully shoving his tongue into Jaehyun's mouth.

It was way better than Jaehyun's imagination had offered early. He felt that familiar heat swirl in his lower body as he felt Hanbin's hand rest on his cheek, sliding down to his neck as his thumb rested on his Adam's apple. Jaehyun pulled back, eyes shaking as Hanbin's lips rested against his own, no further action being conducted between them. Jaehyun raised his hand this time, reaching for Hanbin's wrist as he tugged him forward.

"K-kiss me again."

And Hanbin did, exploring every corner of Jaehyun's mouth with his tongue sensually. Jaehyun felt hazy, definitely enjoying the feeling of Hanbin's eyes on him. Their position felt uncomfortable after a few moments, yet Jaehyun didn't know if Hanbin would agree to what he was thinking of doing. Hanbin pulled from the kiss, eyes flicking to Jaehyun's pretty plump lips before sitting back in his seat, reaching underneath to pull a lever and scoot the seat further back.

"Here," was all Hanbin said, inviting Jaehyun over onto his lap. Jaehyun carefully climbed over all the buttons and objects between them, placing his knees on either side of Hanbin as they faced one another. Jaehyun felt nervous, but Hanbin kissed him again, swirling his tongue against Jaehyun's feverishly as he reached for the hem of Jaehyun's hoodie. Jaehyun tugged the fabric off, tossing his hoodie and shirt to the passenger seat.

Jaehyun suddenly felt nervous, being exposed to the older below him. Hanbin didn't notice his bashfulness, leaning forward to place soft kisses to Jaehyun's neck. The younger's eyes fluttered closed, biting his lips together as he felt Hanbin's tongue and teeth attack the crook of his neck hotly. His crotch felt busier than his mind, all the blood his thumping heart working hard on flowing straight down to his lower body. "Hyung, I... nngh..."

"I'll touch you if you want me to."

Jaehyun glanced down — he knew Hanbin wasn't particularly calm, either. Regardless, he nodded, his body shuddering as he felt Hanbin's hand take a gentle stroke at his clothed crotch. Hanbin still kissed his neck fervently, wet splotches decorating his neck and collarbone wherever he decided to stop. Jaehyun raised his body slightly to tug his sweatpants, discovering that he had an embarrassing wet stain where his throbbing tip rested — he was far too excited by the turn of events.

Hanbin ran his hand along the tip, smiling as Jaehyun released soft gasps of excitement at the action. "You like that?" Jaehyun nodded, whimpering softly as Hanbin used his slick to move his hand wetly up and down his co*ck. He started out slow, picking up speed as he felt Jaehyun thrust his hips upward into Hanbin's fist around his shaft. "Calm down, baby, you're too excited."

Baby — that was so unfair.

"Hanbin, you're touching me... it feels so... a-ahng..."

Hanbin removed his lips from Jaehyun's neck, glancing down at the leaking magnificence of Jaehyun's pretty co*ck. "You can cum, Jaehyun-ah — I don't mind the mess."

"N-no... it's embarrassing..."

Hanbin ran his finger across the tip for a bit, knowing exactly how insane it would feel. Jaehyun's response was music to his ears, the momentary overstimulation causing his body to shiver as he shot ribbons of his load onto Hanbin's shirt. Jaehyun sighed softly, lowering his head to Hanbin's shoulder to hide his face. His heart hammered in his chest, as if he had sprinted an entire kilometer, and he was sure Hanbin could feel how hard his heart raced.

He wasn't entirely satisfied, though. Their time together was far too short and Hanbin could tell as well. Hanbin glanced up, his eyes fluttering shut as they kissed once more. Jaehyun could feel Hanbin's co*ck against his butt — it was hard to ignore, seeing as they were making out and Hanbin was touching him. He wanted to help the older member, pulling away for a moment in an attempt to voice his next action.

"I know what you're gonna say, so no," Hanbin spoke up quickly, laughing at Jaehyun's disappointed expression. "Just kiss me and feel what you do to me, Jaehyun-ah."

Jaehyun raised his body, allowing Hanbin to pull down his pants and underwear in one swift movement. The older held Jaehyun closer by his waist with one hand, sneaking his second hand around Jaehyun's waist to his throbbing co*ck. Their lips met hungrily as Hanbin began moving his hand up and down his length, groaning lowly against Jaehyun's lips. Jaehyun had his eyes shut, simply feeling Hanbin's hand move along his backside as he used his hand to pleasure himself.

Jaehyun's co*ck sprang back to life. He bit his lips together, shifting backward until his bare bottom touched Hanbin's co*ck. "Just put it in me, hyung."

"No, I have to prep you first," Hanbin muttered, biting down on Jaehyun's bottom lip. "You're a virgin. It'll hurt."

"Then prep me," Jaehyun almost demanded, exasperated that Hanbin just wouldn't f*ck him. "Do what you have to do — I just want you deep inside me, p-please."

Jaehyun felt Hanbin's hand slow down behind him, moving to the front of Jaehyun while sneaking underneath his thigh. His hands were wet with precum, a single digit circling his tight rim dangerously. Jaehyun was confused — naturally, as it was his first time even considering doing something like this with another man — but Hanbin clearly had a one-up or two on him. He knew how everything worked. "I'm gonna stick my finger in there, okay? I need to stretch you a little — just so that you can get used to the feeling of something inside you. A dick is far more different from a finger, so... keep that in mind."

Jaehyun nodded, yelping as Hanbin promptly pressed a finger into him — his middle one, to be exact. The precum acted as a last-minute lubricant to help with the ease of access — something that Jaehyun seemingly didn't need much prep of. His insides were warm and wet, as if he had been stimulated already. Hanbin seemed confused as he easily pressed another finger deep into the whimpering boy.

"You're taking it so well," Hanbin praised, pecking Jaehyun's jawline with his lips. "You're already so ready for me. I wonder why..."

"It's probably because I... I was jerking off before I came down," Jaehyun admitted shyly. He could barely speak, however — it was the first time he had ever felt something in such an unfamiliar location. Hanbin was good at it, too — pumping his fingers in and out of him at such a delectable speed, curling his fingers every so often to rub against his walls. Hanbin removed his fingers, earning a disappointed sigh from Jaehyun.

Hanbin laughed slightly as he merely picked up Jaehyun's precum with his fingers and stuck them straight back into Jaehyun, slicking him up even further since they had no other way to make sure that Hanbin didn't just enter dry. Jaehyun was growing impatient, thinking back to how he imagined Hanbin to f*ck him relentlessly. Their positioning was different to what he had imagined, but car sex was unbearably hot either way.

"If we do it like this, you can get my entire co*ck inside you," Hanbin told him gently. "If you're nice and slow instead of impatient as you are now, you'll feel me deep inside — just like you want, okay? I'll fill you up just like you want if you're patient."

Just from feeling it against his back, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that Hanbin's shaft was objectively large — a few inches far above average, maybe. Such co*ck needed to be in p*rn, not in k-pop. "H-hyung... I need you..."

Jaehyun didn't mean to seem so needy, but it was 1am and Jaehyun didn't think about what he liked unless he was raging with horniness at 1am. He felt Hanbin's fingers leave him, his hole empty and needy. Hanbin pulled Jaehyun closer to his chest, circling the plump, pink hole with his co*ck before aligning himself and carefully shoving himself in.

Jaehyun's body froze as he realised how serious the situation is. There is something inside him. He felt his lower body burning, but not with excitement or lust — no, all he feels is pain. He lets out a gasp, no more than Hanbin's head is able to enter him. Despite the previous prep (which he was so sure he wouldn't need, by the way), his body was shivering with a newfound pain. It took forever for the pain to dilute into something more manageable, but his body is still hot with inexperience. Hanbin soothed him gently, whispering sweet words to the other to help him relax. "You're doing well, baby... well done, Jaehyunnie..."

Electricity shot through Jaehyun's body — Hanbin was larger than his body had expected. His nerves panicked, pain receptors going crazy as Hanbin's co*ck was halfway into him. "A-ah— h-hyung, slowly...!"

"I know, I know," Hanbin cooed, gently running a hand through Jaehyun's hair with a smile. "You're good at this, though — aren't you, baby? There we go... nicely, now..."

Jaehyun moved his body gently, attempting to get used to Hanbin's size as quickly as possible. Hanbin stopped him manually, unfortunately, keeping him still for a moment as he stretched beautifully around him. Jaehyun gasped as he lowered himself, more of Hanbin's fat co*ck thrusting into his sweet, beautifully prepared body. None of it feels normal — it's as if his deeper subconscious is denying Hanbin's entry altogether. He felt like his body was being torn apart, but he loved it. The thrilling pain shooting through him was addictive — he needed Hanbin to f*ck him senseless, but getting used to his sheer size was probably wiser.

"... I'm scared..."

"You're supposed to be," Hanbin quipped, a small smile decorating his rather handsome features. "Take all the time you need, love. I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Hanbin was always so nice and sweet.

Jaehyun took his time, head rested against Hanbin's chest as he gently rocked his body every so often to accompany Hanbin's size. He feels annoyed, actually — why was it taking so long? Yeah, Hanbin had an overwhelming large co*ck, but it surely wasn't that bad, right? In an attempt to prove his thoughts right, Jaehyun lowers himself ever so slightly.

He finally sat up straight, breath heavy as it was very obvious that there was something inside him. Hanbin gasped, throwing his head back as he finally settled in deep inside Jaehyun, all the way to his end. They couldn't move yet — both felt like they would die if any movement was involved with anything, especially Jaehyun. He still couldn't comprehend that there was a real human co*ck inside him. Jaehyun leaned back slightly, widening his eyes as he felt Hanbin's co*ck move inside him — but his belly moved as well. "What the— is that your dick?!"

Hanbin laughed slightly, pressing a hand gently to the bulge just below Jaehyun's stomach. "It looks like it. You've taken me all the way."

"It's so interesting... I didn't know you could see it from here..."

"It means you're too skinny, really. The fact that my co*ck is visible... isn't too good. I mean, it means that I'm all the way in, but that doesn't matter when it's really obvious already."

"You talk too much for someone that's gonna rearrange someone's guts."

Jaehyun slowly raised his body, biting his lips together as he watched the bulge move inside him. Was Hanbin all the way in his intestines?! Well, it was probably an exaggeration to think so — nonetheless, Jaehyun felt the pleasure spring to life as Hanbin slowly moved his hips, his hands resting on Jaehyun's hips as he helped the boy raise his body in time with his thrusts.

Jaehyun was already a mess from being fingered — having Hanbin so deep inside him threw him over the edge immediately. His breath was heavy, each thrust eliciting a sweet moan from his throat. He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Hanbin's head and holding him close as Hanbin f*cked upwards into him. Jaehyun yelped helplessly, squeezing his eyes shut as pleasure overtook his entire form, cute little whines replacing his moans.

Hanbin released a low moan, pressing messy kisses to Jaehyun's jawline as he tried to increase his speed in some way, but it was difficult with their positioning. Jaehyun sighed softly as he decreased the distance of his upward movement, resulting in some more speed. Jaehyun yelped with each thrust, his co*ck convulsing needily against Hanbin's shirt.

"H-Hanbinnie hyung...!"

His insides were already perfectly moulded around Hanbin's co*ck, wet noises of sex filling the small confines of the car. Hanbin glanced between them, holding Jaehyun's hips as he pressed his thumbs to the sides, flattening Jaehyun's stomach to make the reappearing bulge more obvious. "You're taking me so well, Jaehyunnie..."

Jaehyun's back arched as Hanbin f*cked against his sensitivity, sliding against it mercilessly. His co*ck was pressed against Hanbin's upper abdomen, the friction against the fabric messing with his mental cognition. He was a moaning mess, unable to form a whole sentence as Hanbin threw his head back, clearly feeling the same. His body still burned with pain, but this pain was beautiful. A gorgeous experience. The pain mellowed out into pleasure, spreading through his crotch and stomach.

"Hyung, I c-can't... a-ah— i-inside... me...~!"

Hanbin held Jaehyun close, gasping against his flushed skin. It felt heavenly, kissing Jaehyun's sweaty skin. It didn't feel gross at all — he enjoyed every taste of Jaehyun. "I'm gonna cum... inside you... f-f*ck..."

Jaehyun tightened around Hanbin, spurting his climax onto Hanbin's chest as he felt warmth fill his stomach. Right — they had no condom. He gasped loudly, breath heavy as Hanbin's seed filled him from deep inside. Every micropump extended Hanbin's org*sm, filling him with cum right at Hanbin's limit. "Holy sh*t... f*cking hell...!"

Both were f*cked out, tired and bursting with an unusual amount of affection. Jaehyun leaned against Hanbin, still holding him while Hanbin warmly hugged his waist. He was filled with Hanbin's love, deep inside, all the way near his tummy. Hanbin turned the car on for a moment to roll down his window, sighing as a gentle breeze hit their hot bodies. "Jaehyun-ah..."

"B-be my boyfriend." Hanbin's grip squeezed at those words. "Be my boyfriend, Sung Hanbin. I don't care what anyone else thinks — I just need you. I want you, I... I love you."

"How can you say these words while I'm still buried in your guts?"

"S-shut up," Jaehyun pouted as he pulled from their warm embrace. "I... I like you, Hanbinnie. And you can f*ck really good, so... I'd like to be with you, Sung Hanbin."

Hanbin laughed, placing a hand to Jaehyun's cheek as he kissed him. "I'd like to be with you too, Myung Jaehyun."

Jaehyun was filled with happiness (and a concerning amount of cum, but that was beside the point), but he gasped when Hanbin rutted his hips upward into him. "Ah— hyung!"

"Sorry, sorry! Okay, I'm sorry!"

"Take your dick out of me, you pervert!"

thinking about what he likes - minjaeverse (2024)
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