Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (2024)

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An updated Using THM Baking Blend in Recipes

that I’m calling Cooking with THM Baking Blend is one post that is long overdue!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (1)

I’m republishing this one just two years after publishing my original THM Baking Blend “journey”.

The latest recipes that have been converted and developed using this fantastic blend of flours have been added to the top of the post.

The bottom half of this post is where I chronicled my first experiences with developing some very unique recipes while Using THM Baking Blend in Recipes from the very beginning!

Update or no, I wanted to keep theever-popular THM Friendly Bisquick Style Baking Mix(Sept 2016) front and center.

The reason is that although a total of 5 recipes have been published so far using this mix I have 3 more headed this way and none of them would be possible without this versatile, “real flour like” THM Baking Blend.

If you need to reorder or if you’d like to try this amazing blend for the first time here’s an affiliate link#:

Baking Blend 16oz Bag

For those who’d like to try to recreate this blend on their own here’s a DIY mix that’s very similar to this blend; it’s Runamok Mama’s Quick Mix!

Watch for affiliate links to products I have used in these recipes when testing them and those which I can fully recommend.

THM Baking Blend and THM Gentle Sweet is a team that’s hard to beat, both nutritionally and taste/texture wise! But be aware of the following:

This Baking Blend is gluten free but not grainfree because of the oat fiber (outer husk of the oat grain that is pretty much all fiber). THM Gentle Sweet is so authentically sugary sweet because it contains xylitol and high-quality stevia.

BUT xylitol is dangerous to pets so if yours have access to your treats be sure and use the Xylitol Free Gentle Sweet (the taste and texture are not quite spot on but still a great product.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (2)

Sugar-Free Italian Cream Cupcakes was published within a couple of months of the original baking blend post and the frosting alone would make these keepers! Try these. <3

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (3)

Next came the Low Carb Spinach Bacon Quiche– a quiche that makes its own crust. This was followed closely by the thick crusty Low Carb Personal Pan Pizza Crusts, both using the Thm Friendly Biscuit Mix made from baking blend!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (4)

Of course, we need a yummy mug cake made with baking blend too so I made that an option for the popular Dulce de Leche Spiced Mug Cake featuring a “real” caramel sauce topping!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (5)

The secret to thickening sauces with this flour blend is to whisk it in after the sauce has cooked and be sure and don’t boil the blend. Boiling is what can make it slimy. One of the most popular recipes ever on my blog is the Low Carb Chicken Enchilada Skillet and it contains THM baking blend as the thickener.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (6)

Aren’t these little Personal Pan Pizza Crusts just the cutest? And yes that’s a real live crispy crust! This is another low carb biscuit mix recipe using the THM baking blend. The blend gives them a substantial taste and texture that you just don’t get with a plain nut flour in my opinion.

Later came Blueberry Skillet Bread which is a large oven-baked pancake also made from the THM Friendly Low Carb Bisquick Style Baking Mix containing THM baking blend.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (7)

The “fathead pizza dough” that is normally made with almond flour can easily be converted over the THM baking blend. If xanthan gum is called for (as in some versions) it won’t be necessary for the “Trimhead” version since the baking blend contains a little bit of gluccie.

This switch makes for a much more breadlike texture than the almond flour as I noted in the first edition of this series in the flatbread recipes. But once I discovered that you could up the baking powder from 1/2 tsp to 2 or 3 tsp in this dough I just became so intrigued with it as a pastry type crust.

I called this dough the Lighter Low Carb Pastry Crust and have used it in the Gluten Free Sopapilla Cheesecake and the Mixed Berry Tart.This tart is one of the most satisfying desserts that I’ve ever enjoyed either on or off Trim Healthy Mama!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (8)

Next came a couple of snack cakes. The first was the Pumpkin Honey Bun Snack Cake, followed by popular demand, by the Honey Bun Snack Cake.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (9)

This is my latest, and I think the greatest of all my bundt cakes so far and, like the others, it depends on THM baking blend for it’s moist, luscious, texture and flavor.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (10)

A fun little German Chocolate Mug Cake that is just delightful!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (11)

This last recipe is probably the best example I have of how superior this blend is for baking. I had originally converted a classic Hot Fudge Pie to sugar-free back in 2014 and it worked well but I jumped through hoops to make sure that it tasted smooth and fudgy. But last month I converted the whole thing over to THM baking blend and added nuts to make it a Fudge Pecan Pie, it’s better than ever.

Get updates and info by following me on *Instagram*Pinterest*Facebookand let’s connect over at THM Southern Foodies with Nana’s Little Kitchen.

Watch for affiliate links to products I have used in these recipes when testing them and those which I can fully recommend.

This post was originally published Nov. 21, 2016

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (12)

I may be one of the Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend’s biggest fans!

I fell in love with the idea of being able to have access to a more “flour-like” flour from the first time I heard of it and once I started using it there was no going back. I am so delighted to now be able to share some of the things that I have learned over the last year or so while Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes.

I invite you to walk with me in this post as I chronicle my decision to rely so heavily on this flour in all my newer recipes and my delight in finding out how superior my baked goods and sauces could be when using this product in comparison to the ones I had made before.

In addition to the texture and taste factors, there was another prominent reason that I was so glad to see the advent of one fully approved fuel pull flour that could potentially be used for all baked good. This factor was my concern about the heavy use of some of the nut flours. While these are on plan, the amounts that may be consumed might not be suitable for weight loss in this unique Trim Healthy Mama diet.

If the fats consumed are not fully used in our3-hourwindow it can present a problem for many of us. In my olderpost,I always lightened up the almond four, for instance, with a combination of protein powder and psyllium husks flakes.

Another facet of the baking blend that I find so appealing is the integrated use of a nice range of superfoods that keep me from having to buy separate products and make putting together a recipe that will be tasty and nutrient dense so much easier. For these reasons, I have been able to create, convert and share recipes with total confidence while using this wonderful product.

Be sure and note that even though the baking blend is theoretically a 1:1 sub for white flour and white flour is generally 1:1 for almond flour and several others; the blend doesn’t measure exactly the same as any other flours.

I ALWAYS measure this blend scantly. To do this just loosely fill the measuring cup and when you rake the excess off the top just press your finger on it very gently to indent it just a little so it isn’t quite full. You might also achieve this by filling the cup the same as with normal flour but just remove a small spoonful. THM Baking Blend contains some very absorbent flours so it’s better to err on the side of too little and not too much when measuring.

I do usually recommend a DIY substitute for those who just don’t have access to the THM blend, but I have never used anything except the Trim Healthy Mama blend myself, so I cannot make claims that your results should be the same as mine if you make your own. Although I do, of course, support people making their own…everything… since I am a DIY person from way back; in this particular case, I really plan to keep using what works so well for me.

For LOTS of fantastic recipes containing THM Baking Blend be sure to order the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook (see link at the bottom of this post.) Also at in this post, I am including some favorite baking blend recipes from some of my blogging buddies who have used this blend very successfully.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (13)

Pecan Tassies THM-S

I kicked off my baking blend cooking frenzy in June of 2015 by THMifying and posting these Pecan Tassies. I was able to sub the baking blend almost 1:1 for white flour and the crust worked perfectly for these delicious little pies! That was the most excited I have ever been about a recipe because it had just dawned on me that this flour blend would allow me to really “normalize” some of these healthy dishes in a way that I had never dreamed before. (Little did I know what discoveries would follow.)

The baking blend had made that dish come so close to the “real” Tassies that I’d been making for almost 40 years that I could hardly believe it.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (14)

Country Gravy THM-FP or S, Crockpot Brisket and Gravy THM-S, and Queso Cheese Sauce, Velveeta Cheese Sauce or Rotel Sauce THM-S

Country Gravy is an actual flour-thickened gravy that can either be served as a country gravy (FP) or as a cream gravy or white sauce. This was a big deal to me because I’m a little skittish about some of the thickeners (just a personal thing).

Although THM Baking Blend contains gluccie, it is not at all overwhelming or slimy as prepared in this dish so it works very well. Just remember to always add the baking blend into the hot liquids and whisk well. If you don’t actually boil it then it won’t have as much of a tendency to get slick.

There are two secrets that I have found when using baking blend as a thickener. First of all, combine it with another thickening agent (a small amount of cream cheese is my favorite) so that you can keep the amount of flour small and pretty well undetectable. Secondly, make sure that you heat the broth or other liquid base very well and then whisk the baking blend in AFTER it’s removed from the heat so that you do not cook it any further or it will tend to turn slimy at that point.

This gravy formula can be used to make a gravy or cream sauce from any meat broth and that is the method that I used to make the gravy for Crockpot Brisket, shown above.

Low Carb Cheese Sauce with Rotel added becomes Low Carb Velveeta Sauceand can be used as a dip or as an addition to veggies. This cheese sauce is unique as far as I can tell from searching, because the broth base adds a kick of flavor and volume without adding a lot of unnecessary fat to burn in our 3 hour window. The THM Baking Blend is the main ingredient that makes this sauce create such “normal” sauces and gravies without necessarily changing the fuel.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (15)

In the fall of 2015 I turned my attention to making a really good baking blend cake. Bundt cakes were always an old standby of mine and really the easiest so I started with those.

TheMini Snack Cakes with a Buttered Rum IcingTHM-S is a half batch of the cake I wanted to eventually make; the prototype so to speak. Rum cake was something I’d made since college and I was amazed to see how well these little cakes hit the spot and the buttered rum sauce…oh my it is still one of my favorites and I’d as soon eat these things as go to IHOP any day!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (16)

Cinnamon Bundt “Sock-It-To-Me” Cake THM-S, Pumpkin Maple Spice Cake THM-S, and Sugar Free Copycat Starbucks Lemon Loaf THM-S

Next came my most popular cake to ever post and it was just the easiest thing to find a Pinterest cake recipe and modify the filling, double the rum cake recipe and tweak it a little; then top it with my all-time favorite glaze. My childhood sweetheart of a cake the Cinnamon Bundt “Sock It To Me” Cake(THM-S)was done and delicious!

After Cinnamon Bundt cake conversion was conquered I really wanted to make a pumpkin cake for fall and as a showcase for my all time favorite icing. So the Pumpkin Spice Maple Spice Cake (THM-S)was born and it really hits the fall pumpkin sweet spot for me and mine. By doubling the icing and adding whipped cream to this little sweetie you can also make a fantastic Pumpkin Maple Spice Cake Trifle too!

The Sugar Free Copycat Starbucks Lemon Loaf (THM-S)is the latest of the pound cakes and it is a half batch of the other bundt cakes. I actually tried to make it without the baking blend, but the texture was just not what I was looking to achieve in this cake without the blend.

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (17)

Texas Toffee Bars THM-S, Chocolate Covered Strawberry Truffle Pizza THM-S, and Carrot Cake Cookies THM-S

Cookies can be the most challenging for me, because it tends to be all about the texture when trying to duplicate some of these recipes. You can get the flavor right, but if the texture isn’t as remembered then it just won’t work.

Pictured above is what I have done with the baking blend so far on the cookie front. This recipe forTexas Toffee BarsTHM-S was converted in one try by subbing the baking blend 1:1 for white flour in the crust. It is one of the few recipes that I posted after making once it was just so easy. Now I always double it when I make it because it freezes so well and tastes just as good next week as it did this week, if you hide it well from the non-THMers).

I converted a family favorite, in the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Truffle Pizza for Valentines Day last year and all my taste testers claimed that this recipe was actually as good as they had remembered the old one to be and that one was so good that we entered it in a recipe contest once!

I subbed the blend for white flour in these Carrot Cake CookiesTHM-S right around Fathers Day and it also worked on the first try. My carrot cake lovin’ husband gave it a big thumbs up!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (18)

Tomato Spinach Panini THM-S and Low Carb California Flatbread Sandwich

I love to make flatbread with a baking blend sub instead of almond flour and NO extra xanthan gum since the blend has gluccie. This dough is much easier to work with and more bread like than the almond flour cheese bread thanks to baking blend <3.

These two sandwiches are a cinch to make by just stirring the bread together in one bowl and plopping it between two sheets of parchment paper, rolling them out and baking them right on the back of the cookie sheet! Try one of these two next time you find yourself wishing you had a more real tasting version of flatbread than almond and coconut flour alone can yield! Low Carb California Flatbread SandwichandTomato Spinach Panini\

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (19)

I adapted this Bisquick Style Biscuit mix from another recipe using the baking blend. Pictured are the Southern Style Biscuit In A Mug and The Melt In Your Mouth Biscuits

The Bisquick Style Biscuit Mix really has a remarkably similar flavor to the original bisquick. The flours however are much more absorbent than the glutinous ones that bisquick is made from so they require some additional ingredients before they can be added to traditional bisquick recipes. The Southern Style Biscuit In A Mug and The Melt In Your Mouth Biscuit recipes are the two that I have adapted thus far and I am very happy with them both.

I’ve posted others with this blend as well and I will give a few honorable mentions for the rest. The THM Baking Blend really shines in microwaved cakes like theEspresso Chocolate Chip Mug Cake. This little cake has been described many times as being a ringer for a cake mix cake. Mini CinnabundtsTHM-S is the only donut recipe that I have on the blog so far and we love these delicious little treats for breakfast.

Cheesy Hot Dog Pie THM-S, is notable because it is was originally a modified version of the famous Jalapeño Cornbread that I found on Pinterest, but then I modified it even more by subbing THM Baking Blend for all the almond flour and found it was just to delicate to hold those hot dogs together in the low carb hot dog fashion that I’d intended. So I stabilized this bread recipe by subbing part of the almond flour with baking blend but still leaving some baking blend. This dish is a much more bread-like and satisfying creation now than it was before!

I asked my blogging buddies to send me a few of their favorite baking blend creations from their blogs for you to check out and here they are now!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (20)

Simple Soda Bread (S)– Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved

Sugar Free Vanilla Cream Snack Cake (S)– Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved

Low Carb Strawberry Poke Cake (S) – All Day I Dream About Food

Mini Lemon Creme Cake (S) – All Day I Dream About Food

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (21)

Five Ingredient White Cake (S) – Briana Thomas

Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake (S) – Briana Thomas

Caramel Brownie Pie (S) – Mrs Criddles Kitchen

Better Than Snickers Cake (S) – The Fabuless Wife

Peanut Butter Brownie Bites (S) – The Fabuless Wife

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (22)

One Bowl Chocolate Fudge Cake (S)– Chrissy Benoit In Love

Spice Cake Cupcakes (S)– Chrissy Benoit In Love

Happy Baking and Happy Thanksgiving!

Using THM Baking Blend In Recipes (2024)


Can I substitute THM baking blend for flour? ›

Be sure and note that even though the baking blend is theoretically a 1:1 sub for white flour and white flour is generally 1:1 for almond flour and several others; the blend doesn't measure exactly the same as any other flours. I ALWAYS measure this blend scantly.

What is all purpose baking mix used for? ›

First up, let's talk baking mixes. Growing up, my mother used Bisquick for everything: pancakes, waffles, scones, biscuits, dumplings and more. An all-purpose baking mix is versatile in that it allows you to bake a variety of goods quickly, simply by mixing in a liquid and perhaps a fat (butter or oil) or two.

Can I use baking mix instead of flour? ›

Yes, Bisquick can be used as a substitute for flour when making pie crusts, but it may not produce the same result as using all-purpose flour. Bisquick is a pre-mixed baking mix that contains flour, baking powder, salt, and often other ingredients like shortening or oil.

Can you substitute baking mix for all-purpose flour? ›

You cannot directly use Bisquick in place of AP flour.

Because of all of the extra ingredients, it will not behave the same as regular all-purpose flour. Depending on the recipe or application, you may be able to substitute or remove some of the other ingredients to make use of a pre-mixed flour like Bisquick.

What is a substitute for 1 cup of baking mix? ›

For every cup of Bisquick needed in a recipe, use 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1½ teaspoons baking powder, ½ teaspoon salt, and 2 tablespoons shortening or cold butter.

Is Bisquick same as baking mix? ›

If you've never had it, Bisquick is simply a premade baking mix made of flour, fat, leavening, and salt. What is this? It's traditionally used to make pancakes or waffles, biscuits, and muffins. But you'd be surprised at all of the ways you can use an all-purpose baking mix like this.

How do I substitute all-purpose baking mix? ›

You can make a substitute for 2 cups of baking mix by mixing together 1 ¾ cups of all-purpose flour, 2 ½ tsp of baking powder, ¾ tsp of salt and â?? cup of shortening. This baking mix substitute includes sugar, so it will be sweeter than the basic recipe.

What is the closest substitute for flour? ›

Oat flour

Perhaps the most convenient of all the flour substitutes, oat flour can be easily made at home by blitzing whole rolled oats in a high-powered blender. Although, if you'd prefer to buy it, you can find it in most good health food shops.

What is the best substitute for flour? ›

Four All-Purpose Flour Alternatives
  • Chickpea Flour. Relatively new to American households, chickpea flour (also called garbanzo bean flour or besan in Indian kitchens) is arguably one of my favorite ingredients. ...
  • Rice Flour. ...
  • Almond Flour. ...
  • Buckwheat Flour.

What is the difference between baking mix and baking flour? ›

The Main Differences

Convenience: Bisquick is designed to be a convenient option for baking, as it already contains the necessary leavening agents and fat, whereas flour requires additional ingredients such as baking powder and fat to achieve similar results.

What is the best substitute for all-purpose flour in baking? ›

Either cake flour or pastry flour can be used as a 1:1 substitute for all-purpose flour in most baking recipes. Steer away from cake flour for chewy bread baking, though, and opt instead for bread or whole-wheat flour for your no-knead and sourdough loaves.

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