10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (2024)

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Food / Wellbeing

WORDS Cassandra DimitroffPHOTOGRAPHY PinterestPUBLISHEDTue, 5 Dec 2023 - 3:00 pm

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (4)

Time is something we could always have more of, and after the hubbub of Christmas, we miraculously get it. If like me, your love language is gift giving (otherwise interpreted as food giving), you're accustomed to spending most of the Christmas period entertaining and feeding your loved ones with whatever is inspiring you at the present moment.

With plenty of time up our sleeves to perfect these all kinds of dishes, we're upping our kitchenware game for a summer filled with comfort eating. From citrusy spreads to pantry staples and delectable desserts, test your culinary skills this Christmas with these adventurous – and delicious – recipes, that don't involve brining a whole bird.

1. Bon Appetit's Match Swirl Spritz Cookies

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (5)

If you want to leave Santa out something a little more adventurous this year, then we'd suggest trying your hand at Bon Appetite's Match Swirl Spritz Cookies. These wreath-shaped, grinch-hued treats are an elevated way to celebrate the holiday season.

2. Clementine Day's Summer Pav with Balsamic & Pepper Roasted Strawberries

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (6)

Is there anything that screams summer and Christmas more than a pavlova? Perhaps this is the year to up the ante from your usual passionfruit-and-mango topped affair and try out something a little more sophisticated. This summer pav from Some Thing I Like To Cook's Clementine Day is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy thanks to the addition of balsamic and pepper.

3. Sohla El-Waylly's Vegan Stuffing With Mushrooms & Nori

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (7)

If you're catering to vegetarians or vegans at your holiday dinner, why not give them something to write home about by whipping up a batch of Sohla El-Waylly's Vegan Stuffing With Mushrooms & Nori? Not only is it delicious and filling, they'll be thrilled to be offered something more substantial and impressive than the usual salad offerings.

4. Miriam Al-Noah’s Tuna Crudo with Green Olive and Pistachio

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (8)

In our books, there's no better summer meal to dish up than some fresh and zesty crudo – in this case, a tuna crudo with olives and pistachios from Miriam Al-Noah. The perfect entree to serve up to your guests while you rush to get the roast out of the oven, and dust the flour off your party outfit.

5. Yolanda Whelan's Rosemary Grissini

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (9)

Sure, it's easy and cheap to buy some grissini for your next holiday cheese board, but just imagine how impressed your guests will be when you brag that you've DIY-ed them yourself? These are pretty simple and don't require a bunch of fancy extra ingredients so they're easy enough to whip up in a flash.

6. Sian Redgrave's Italian Crostata

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (10)

We here atRUSSHare big fans of Redgrave's, and while we're not lucky enough to have her cook for us on Chrissy, we're thrilled that the chef shared some of her favourite holiday recipes with Assembly Label for us to incorporate into our culinary adventures. In particular, we're loving her Italian Crostata, featuring zucchini flowers and fresh ricotta... heavenly.

7. King New York's Pissaladière

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (11)

The cheffing duo behind West SoHo institution King shared the recipe for their favourite picnic tart, Pissaladière, which sounds like the perfect elevated snack to bring to your holiday picnic or beach day. This one's for the anchovy lovers in your life.

8. Joel Bennett's Perfect Cheeseburger

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (12)

Is there any better hangover cure than a cheeseburger? Well, lucky for us, Joel Bennett shared his recipe for the perfect cheeseburger withRUSSHa little while back, so perhaps this is the perfect time to give it a red hot crack?

9. Ellie Bouhadana’s Cavatelli With Green Sauce, Pangrattato and Burrata

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (13)

Melbourne' s Ellie Boudhana has been at the helm of cult dining spot Hope St. Radio for a while now, and we pretty much trust her word as gospel in the kitchen. If you're looking to impress with a pasta dish this season, we'd recommend Boudhana's green-sauced cavatelli, topped – for drama, of course – with a whole burrata.

10. Carter Were's Easter Fruit Loaf

10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (14)

Yes, yes we know it's not Easter yet – but in our opinion, the humble fruit loaf also has a place in our holiday breakfast spread. This one from Northern Rivers' Carter Were is an exercise in homey, comfort baking. Perfect for a quiet Sunday morning.

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10 adventurous recipes to try this Christmas break (2024)
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