Horizon Zero Dawn Dirty Basket (2024)

If you're a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn, chances are you've stumbled upon the enigmatic quest involving the "dirty basket." This seemingly mundane item holds a world of intrigue within the game, sparking curiosity and leaving players scratching their heads. In this article, we'll delve deep into the mystery of the Horizon Zero Dawn dirty basket, uncovering its secrets and unraveling the tale behind its significance.

The Origins of the Dirty Basket

In the vast and immersive world of Horizon Zero Dawn, players encounter a myriad of quests and challenges. Among them is the quest involving a dirty basket, which may initially appear inconsequential. However, as players delve deeper into the quest, they soon realize that there's more to this seemingly ordinary object than meets the eye.

Encountering the Quest

Players often stumble upon the dirty basket quest while exploring the richly detailed landscapes of Horizon Zero Dawn. Whether it's by chance or through careful exploration, coming across the quest triggers a sense of curiosity and intrigue. What could this dirty basket hold? Why does it warrant a quest of its own?

The Quest Unfolds

As players embark on the quest, they find themselves tasked with uncovering the truth behind the dirty basket. Through a series of challenges, puzzles, and interactions with NPCs (non-player characters), they gradually piece together the story behind this seemingly insignificant object.

The Significance of the Dirty Basket

What sets the dirty basket apart from other quests in Horizon Zero Dawn is its unexpected significance. While other quests may involve epic battles or grand adventures, the dirty basket quest stands out for its subtlety and attention to detail. It highlights the game's ability to weave compelling narratives even from the most ordinary of objects.

Exploring the Lore

One of the joys of playing Horizon Zero Dawn is delving into its rich lore and uncovering the stories hidden within its world. The dirty basket quest serves as a prime example of this, offering players a glimpse into the lives of the game's inhabitants and the challenges they face in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Rewards of Discovery

As players progress through the dirty basket quest, they are rewarded not only with in-game items but also with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Unraveling the mystery behind the dirty basket provides a unique insight into the game's lore and adds depth to the overall gaming experience.


In conclusion, the Horizon Zero Dawn dirty basket quest may seem trivial at first glance, but it serves as a testament to the game's attention to detail and dedication to storytelling. By exploring seemingly ordinary objects and weaving them into compelling quests, Horizon Zero Dawn captivates players and immerses them in its richly imagined world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the significance of the dirty basket in Horizon Zero Dawn? The dirty basket quest in Horizon Zero Dawn serves as a prime example of the game's attention to detail and dedication to storytelling. While seemingly trivial, the quest adds depth to the game's lore and provides players with a unique insight into the lives of its inhabitants.

2. How do I start the dirty basket quest in Horizon Zero Dawn? The dirty basket quest can be encountered while exploring the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Keep an eye out for clues and interactions with NPCs, as they may lead you to the quest's location.

3. Are there any rewards for completing the dirty basket quest? Completing the dirty basket quest in Horizon Zero Dawn rewards players with in-game items and a sense of accomplishment. However, the true reward lies in uncovering the story behind the seemingly ordinary object and delving deeper into the game's lore.

4. Is the dirty basket quest essential to the main storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn? While the dirty basket quest may not be directly tied to the main storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn, it offers players a unique opportunity to explore the game's world and uncover hidden secrets. Whether you choose to embark on the quest is entirely up to you, but it's certainly worth the journey.

5. Can the dirty basket quest be completed multiple times in Horizon Zero Dawn? Once completed, the dirty basket quest cannot be replayed in Horizon Zero Dawn. However, its impact on the game's world and lore may resonate with players long after they've finished the quest, adding to the richness of the overall gaming experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn Dirty Basket (2024)


What is the dirty basket for in Horizon zero dawn? ›

Dirty Baskets can be traded with the Mystery Boxes Merchant in exchange for the Scrap Collector Box.

What to do with dirty resin chunk in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Dirty Resin Chunks can be traded with the Mystery Boxes Merchant in exchange for the Charcoal-Burner Box.

What is rusted scrap used for in Horizon zero dawn? ›

Rusted Scrap is a resource in Horizon Zero Dawn. Found in Cauldron XI, this old, corroded metal is near-worthless, but can nonetheless be sold to merchants for a low price. Despite being labelled in-game to be used for trading with merchants, it is not actually used to purchase any items.

Where can I sell collectibles in Horizon zero dawn? ›

This specialty merchant can be found in Meridian. She will trade certain resources in exchange for Eclectic Collectibles that can in turn be traded with the Mystery Boxes Merchant in exchange for Treasure Boxes.

What items should I save in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Keep wood, wire, sparkers, metal vessel, bones, skins, 10 fatty meat (for the Golden Fast Travel Pack), and all Processed metal blocks. Sell the rest. If you ever need blaze, Striders are all over the place.

Do choices in Horizon Zero Dawn matter? ›

Do decisions matter in Horizon zero dawn? No, they don't, the only thing that changes with decisions is a bit of storyline and gameplay. The game is designed in such a way that multiple decision ultimately take you to the same output.

Should I sell machine cores in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

i'm assuming you noticed that some items are labeled only as "sell to vendors for shards", e.g. "Ancient Bright Bracelet", "Ancient Wreath", "Machine Core", so obviously sell those. Otherwise it probably depends on what kind of crafting you chose to do. be the opposite.

Can you save unused resin? ›

One of the best ways to use leftover tinted resin is to pour it into a mold to create a brand new piece of art. You can get molds in so many different varieties online; it's a good idea to keep them on hand in case you end up with extra resin.

Can you pour resin back into a bottle? ›

Carefully pour unused resin back into its original container before cleaning the vat. If there are cured prints or solidified resin, gently remove them using a plastic scraper or spatula. Be cautious not to scratch the vat's surface.

Why is Sawtooth not in Forbidden West? ›

Sawtooths are one of the few machines from Horizon Zero Dawn that did not reappear in Horizon Forbidden West, presumably because of their similarity to Ravagers. Sawtooths were mentioned to have been spotted in the Forbidden West, but have not been observed in Aloy's time there.

What is the ultimate weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

The War Bow is still more versatile as it has multiple ammo types; however, the Stormslinger is the best weapon in the game for dealing Shock Damage. Be careful not to fire the Stormslinger for too long, as it will eventually backfire and deal Shock Damage to Aloy.

What is the main weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Spear (and lance)

It's just an all-around weapon. It's also your only melee weapon, so you'll rely on it a lot when things go sideways during stealth or ranged combat. You'll receive upgrades to your spear as part of the main story and when unlocking Skills.

Should I sell my lenses in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

And that, as they say, is that. Hearts and Lens are only needed for outfits and weapons and each requires a specific one. Once you've got the weapon associated with a heart or lens just sell the rest. They only take up space after that.

What is the best bow in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Shadow Sharpshot Bow: This bow is known for its versatility and is often considered one of the best options in the game. It can fire precision arrows, tearblast arrows, and harvest arrows. This makes it effective for sniping, stripping armor, and gathering resources.

Should I sell hearts in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Despite being listed in the 'valuables to sell' tab, you should not sell: Any item with 'Heart' in the name – these can be used to upgrade weapons and armour.

What to do with special items in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

As you collect Ancient Vessels, Banuk Figures, and Metal Flowers, you will have a chance to go to Meridian and sell these items to special merchants (marked with a star above their merchant symbol) for rewards.

What is the reward of the ancient armory in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

General Info
Quest GiverNone. This quest triggers immediately after finding a Power Cell or entering the location of the Ancient Armory.
DescriptionAn ancient suit of armor lies in a ruin of the Old Ones, visible but out of reach.
Rewards8330 XP +1 Shield-Weaver Outfit Box
Recommended Level28
Jan 15, 2022

What is in the Banuk treasure box? ›

  • x225 Wire.
  • x1 Owl Skin.
  • Lone Sock.

What is the use of metal flower in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

In Zero Dawn, Metal Flowers can be traded in sets of 10 to the Carja merchant Kudiv, in exchange for special Treasure Boxes. Map - Metal Flowers can be purchased from merchants and shows the approximate locations of all Metal Flowers.

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