Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends: Joggers, headphones, more ideas (2024)

Boyfriends deserve appreciation all year round, but Valentine’s Day is the much-anticipated holiday for the starry-eyed couple: the chocolate-covered strawberries, sweet cards and precious gifts rounding out a day of love.

That said, we put together a rather special gift guide for one of the most important people in your life. Your confidant, your adventure partner and your go-to phone call when you’re having a crummy day.

From classic clothing he’ll wear 24/7 to fun activities you can do together, there’s no time quite like Valentine’s Day to add these unique finds to your shopping cart. Plus, our roundup of the 108 best Valentine’s Day gifts to buy will provide even more ideas.

Ahead, find the 46 best Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend that we recommend to anyone seeking the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

And yes, we are very much in love with these items (but enough of the corny Valentine’s Day adages).

1. Hast 8″ Chef Knife, $99.99

If your man is into cooking, look no further than Hast’s Chef Knife. It’s a sharp staple that’s perfect for your evening date nights and spur-of-the-moment weekend recipe experiments.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab, $316.99 (originally $349.99)

Whether it’s to supplement his studying or workflow or to add to his commuter experience, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a tech experience like no other. With a paired stylus, it’s essentially the grown-up Nintendo DS he’ll be overjoyed to open.

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3. Our Place Always Pan, $150

The number of times we say we love the Always Pan is too many to count but, after reviewing it for ourselves, can attest it’s a titan for replacing eight pieces of cookware. Plus, this bold red color is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

4. The Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater

As one of our favorite men’s cashmere sweaters, The Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater is just what it sounds like — a quality, affordable option that looks sharp and comes in a variety of colors that your man will love.

5. Ultra-Soft Bamboo Jogger Shorts, $72 (originally $90)

Whenever we wear Cozy Earth’s loungewear sets, we always get compliments on how extremely soft it is. That said, the Ultra-Soft Bamboo Jogger Shorts are a lovely gift that’s currently less than $75 right now.

6. Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe, $98

We’re digging Brooklinen’s Super-Plush Robe (and so are dozens of others, as it’s selling out quickly). Treat your man to some self-care this Valentine’s Day with this less-than-$100 offering that he’ll want to live in all day long.

7. TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie, $15

Adorable is an understatement for this TikTok-trending Reversible Octopus Plushie. It’s a cute $15 add-on to his Valentine’s Day gift that’ll have you both laughing whenever it makes a FaceTime appearance.

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8. Personal Concrete Fireplace, $78.98 (originally $99)

What’s one of the most sought-after Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend? Huckberry’s Concrete Fireplace allows you to enjoy controlled flames anywhere in your home, whether indoor or outdoor. It’s a conversation piece, for sure.

9. Intimacy Deck, $25

Level up your relationship with this bestselling Intimacy Deck. For $25, it’ll enhance the connection with your partner, much ado to the deck’s thoughtful prompts and questions.

10. Boardroom Socks Black Pima Cotton Mid Calf Dress Socks, $15.45

Dress up your boyfriend in these quality mid-calf socks that are less than $20. They’re great for any type of wear and are a wardrobe staple he didn’t know he needed.

11. Bartesian Premium co*cktails on Demand, $369.95

Think Nespresso, but for mixed drinks. With margarita and sex on the beach capsules, this is the ultimate gift for lovers of quality liquor. Plus, it makes any space more boujee.

12. Craft Beer Club, $44.75 per shipment

Lover of beer? Say no more — we have you covered with a shipment from Craft Beer Club. It comes with 12 exceptional craft beers that are brewed from all around the country.

13. ABC Jogger Warpstreme, $128

Gift lululemon’s ABC Jogger Warpstreme to ride the popular men’s jogger wave. Available in a slew of colors, it’s a quality pair your boyfriend can style in numerous ways.

14. , $64.95

As a thoughtful gift to show your boyfriend you love him, Resteck’s Neck & Back Massager 3D Kneading Pillow is a mighty pain alleviator that can be comfortably worn around the neck while watching TV. For less than $60, you can’t put a price on pain relief.

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15. Daniel Wellington Leather Strap Watch (40mm), $229

As one of our favorite watches from Nordstrom, Daniel Wellington is consistently a brand we recommend IRL. And respectfully so, the minimal white face and leather band are too timeless to pass up — pun totally intended.

16. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag, $84.94 (originally $89.99)

Gift a chic and practical duffel bag for Valentine’s Day. This Herschel style makes for a wonderful, less-than-$100 gift idea and is perfect for weekend trips and longer vacations alike.

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17. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger, $100

After we reviewed the Lovebox, we were floored at how (1) adorably unique it is and (2) how special it makes sending sweet notes. With a paired app, you can send texts, photos and gifs that take things a step above texting.

18. MasterClass Subscription, 15 a month

As one of our favorite online class platforms, MasterClass is exceptional at bringing a wealth of lessons to the Internet taught by some of the finest instructors (Gordon Ramsay included). Whether you’d like to take a cooking class together or help him sharpen skills for his passion project, MasterClass is undeniably worth it.

19. Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler, $200

We’re all about convenience when on the go, and Yeti’s Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler does just that. It’s a practical investment that’ll ensure everything stays cold and bundled for hiking, picnics, beach trips and more.

20. The Slim Four-Way Stretch Organic Jean, $88

Everlane’s The Slim Four-Way Stretch Organic Jean is a cult classic that fits well and looks sharp with a quality cashmere sweater and a pair of of his go-to sneakers.

21. Adidas Kaptir 2.0 Shoes, $85

Speaking of shoes, Adidas has an olive pair of running sneakers that’s ideal for jogging, sprinting or simply running errands. For $85, they’re a pair he’ll love to style this year.

22. Tabletop Cornhole, $50

Too cold for outdoor cornhole? No worries. With Uncommon Goods’ fantastic Tabletop Cornhole game, you’ll have a fun addition to your indoor dining table that everyone will want to be part of.

23. Levain Bakery Signature Cookie Assortment, $27 for four

As one of our favorite cookie delivery places, Levain Bakery takes the cake (or, in this instance, the delicious cookie). This four-pack is indulgent, one of the best in NYC and an impeccable treat for your S.O.

24. Brooklinen Slippers, $39

After gifting these Brooklinen Slippers to our family, we can attest they’re worn 24/7 by our giftees and are some of the most lightweight yet cozy slip-ons your feet will thank you for. So, naturally, they make a loving Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend.

25. ThermoBall Eco Jacket, $199

For a breathable outerwear staple that your boyfriend can wear on hikes, walks and weekend days-out, The North Face’s ThermoBall Eco Jacket is a sleek option that comes in many colors and is just shy of $200.

26. Personalized Monogram Name Cufflinks, $30.20

These Personalized Monogram Name Cufflinks are not only an affordable gift idea but also look sharp paired with a good suit or dress shirt. Plus, the customization factor makes it a sentimental gift he’ll remember for years to come.

27. Knock Knock “What I Love About You” Fill-in-the-Blank Book, $7.75 (originally $11.80)

For less than $10, how can you pass up this heartfelt fill-in-the-blank book? It’s something he’ll love and a place to store all your inside jokes and memories across the pages.

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28. Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Fragrance, $163

As a trending item this Valentine’s Day, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood Fragrance is, as its name suggests, a woodsy crowdpleaser that he’ll appreciate. Plus, with a name like Tom Ford, it makes a great luxury gift idea for him.

29. Anker Soundcore Q20 Noise-Cancelling Headphones, $53.99 (originally $59.99)

You can’t beat over-ear headphones — especially if they’re noise-canceling. This affordable pair is just $54 right now and is a great supplement to daily work or gaming alike.

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30. Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries, $49.99

We’ll be the first ones to tell you that chocolate-covered strawberries are great all-year-round, but especially fitting and festive for Valentine’s Day. This dozen-bundle is $50, though you can opt for two dozen for $79.99 or a half-dozen for $37.99.

31. Sceptre 25″ Gaming Monitor, $196.55 (originally $229.97)

Ladies, listen up. We know you may not love the idea of your boyfriend gaming all the time, but if you want to make him happy, a solid gaming monitor is a key to his heart. It’s an investment, for sure, but he’ll be oh-so-grateful.

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32. , $64.98

What’s better than the Amazon Echo Dot? A bundle with the brand’s Smart Plug, of course. If your boyfriend’s a techie who wants a more streamlined way of listening and charging, this duo is perfect.

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33. Rabbit Freezable Navy Whiskey Glasses, $34.95

We find the Rabbit Freezable Navy Whiskey Glasses incredibly sophisticated, the navy detail unique and buzz-worthy. Plus, it’s a great steal for just $35.

34. Polo Ralph Lauren Logo-Print Pajama Pants, $34.99 (originally $44)

Designer pajama pants for just $35 is always the move, especially for Valentine’s Day. This sleep-ready pair is ideal with a box of chocolates and a creative card, too.

35. Ribbed Thermal Long-Sleeve Henley, $18 (originally $45)

A men’s wardrobe is incomplete without a henley, and this soft long-sleeve is well-priced for less than $40. Plus, it comes in a variety of neutrals he’ll love (perhaps buy one in each color?).

36. Two Goats Candle Co. Bourbon and Tobacco Scented Soy Candle, $27.99

Nothing’s more masculine than a bourbon and tobacco candle scent, and Two Goats Candle Co. surely understood the Valentine’s Day gifting assignment. For a unique idea that’s a diamond in the rough, this one is your winner.

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37. Brightland The Duo Olive Oil Set, $74

After reviewing Brightland’s premier class of olive oils, we were impressed with the quality and aesthetically pleasing bottles that houses the delicious flavors. If he’s a foodie and or loves cooking, we suggest this duo tenfold.

38. Create Your Own Reel Viewer, $29.95

As one of the most popular gifts in our “best holiday gifts for boyfriends” edit, the Create Your Own Reel Viewer continues to come up on top. It’s a sentimental, personalized option that he’ll love — for just $30.

39. Yeti Rambler 10 oz. Tumbler with Magslider Lid, $20

Another crowd-favorite gift, Yeti’s Rambler is unmatched. For just $20, it’ll live in your boyfriend’s center car console.

40. Cold Beer Coats, $13

We’re still in the bitter cold season, folks, and these Cold Beer Coats make everything more festive and adorable. For $13, it’s worth snagging if your boyfriend enjoys cracking open a cold one every now and then.

41. Quilted Half-Zip Pullover, $44.99 (originally $69.50)

Half-zip pullovers are a dressier option to the typical sweater, with this quilted style priced at just $70. For a quality top, J.Crew has you covered.

42. Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Carafe, $50

All cold brew coffee lovers, unite. If your boyfriend swears by only iced blends, he’ll fall in love with this sleek and modern coffee maker and carafe that’s just $50.

43. Let’s Make Out Ceramic Diner Mug, $18.95

So fitting. For $15, this gift simply says it all. Not to mention, Alwaysfits has one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day cards, games and more to shop for your S.O.

44. Wristcam, $299

A revolutionary product: a device that allows you to take 4K photo, 1080P video and even send video messages all from your Apple watch. We’re here for it, too, and it makes a great gift for your boyfriend if he never takes off his smartwatch.

45. Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket, $21.99 (originally $24.99)

For just about $20, you can’t go wrong with gifting your boyfriend the sweet gift of warmth. This Amazon’s Choice product comes in a slew of colors, too, one of which is sure to suit his fancy.

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46. Barker Wellness Organic Recovery Tincture, $80

If your boyfriend is prone to stress and is looking for a vegan formula that will help with pain relief, Barker Wellness offers a conscious Organic Recovery Tincture to gift him. Practical and infused with Ashwagandha Extract and other herbs, it’s a mindful addition to his Valentine’s Day gift.

For more gifting recommendations, check out theNew York Post Shoppingsection.

Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends: Joggers,  headphones, more ideas (2024)
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