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Chapter 10

Radomus' Gym

Section start date: March 28, 2018

Section post date: April 22, 2018

If I miss something or you have a question for me, please post itin theseparate discussion thread. Even if it's a simple grammatical error, feel free to alert me. Thank you.

Thank you to the following people for your contribution to this part of the guide:Paperblade,Hallowilicious

Current Team


Maxed Atk/Spd EVs

Maxed SpA/Spd EVs

Maxed Def/SpAEVs


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It's the end of the semester which means all my projects and exams are due at the same time. As I said before, I intend to inform you all if I am going to stop making the guide, but not everyone reads through the entire guide. For that reason, I'll implement a progress bar at the end of each chapter to indicate how close I am to releasing the next chapter.

Now that I think about it,Lin looked kinda familiar, didn't she? I'm pretty sure we saw her death scene when we were in the Abandoned Power Plant. Hmm... Oh, did you know Poké (the currency) are actually called yen in the Japanese version of the game? That means each Poké is about a penny in the U.S.I always thought being atrainer must be expensive but it turns out a Pokéball only costs $2. I thought that was interesting. It also helps you realize just how poor the early residents we face are. They were giving us a few cents for winning.

After a brief discussion with Paperblade, I was informed that the Speed boost that we obtain from Serra's badge is an invisible increase. We won't see it on the stats page, but battle calculations will be made with the additional speed in mind. You can find more information at Bulbapedia. Additionally, going forward, we'll most likely have encounter rates for the locations we visit thanks to Paperblade.With that all dealt with, let's continue. Speak with Noeland he'll ask to speak with us in the next room. Enter the area with the PC and speak with Noel again. He says Saphira is probably dead but Anna won't let him leave, so he asks us to go find her. As we speak, the location on Tanzan Mountain where the Meteor Base was will explode. Enter the mountain and instead of heading off to the right towards the Meteor Base, go left. Enter the cave system and continue going up until you spot Saphira.Saphira will tell us that she doesn't know Lin though Lin knows her family. Regardless, Saphira snuck into the Meteor Base and destroyed it, grabbing the Ruby Ring and Amethyst Pendant as she left. She'll hand these to us to keep safe since returning the pendant to Anna will just make her a target. Saphira intends to take everyone to her and Charlotte's gyms and tells us to find our own way there. With that, she leaves.

Entering the route she busted through doesn't seem to be worthwhile, so continue north and exit.

South Adventurine Woods

Field: Forest

*New Pokémon

Passimian, Bewear, Sudowoodo, Swablu, Komala

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Buneary (20%) Ledyba (20%) Passimian (10%) Panpour (10%) Pansear (10%) Pansage (10%) Pachirisu (9%) Ledian (6%) Primeape (4%) Bewear (1%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (12)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (13)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (14)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (15)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (16)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (17)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (18)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (19)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (20)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (21)


Pachirisu (24%) Buneary (20%) Passimian (10%) Panpour (10%) Pansear (10%) Pansage (10%) Bewear (6%) Sudowoodo (6%) Primeape (4%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (22)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (23)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (24)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (25)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (26)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (27)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (28)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (29)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (30)


Paras (20%) Spinarak (20%) Passimian (10%) Panpour (10%) Pansear (10%) Pansage (10%) Ariados (6%) Kricketune (5%) Bewear (5%) Primeape (4%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (31)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (32)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (33)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (34)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (35)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (36)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (37)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (38)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (39)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (40)


Combee (40%) Swablu (25%) Taillow (20%) Komala (6%) Pineco (5%) Mothim (4%)

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*Going forward I'll be adding a section at the beginning of each areainforming us of what new Pokémon can be found here. Pokémon that we could have caught different evolutions of andPokémon that can be obtained from tradeswill not be included. Pokémon from eggs/events where there were multiple potential outcomes across different save files will be included. An example of this is the egg in the Obsidia Slums that could have carried Drowzee, Bronzor, and many other creatures.Pokémon that can be obtained based off which gang you joined (Aqua or Magma) will be included. In short, if there was a chance you didn't have the opportunity to get it before, it's added.

The tall grass here (the actual tall grass, not the small sprouts that the games call tall grass) are too high for us to ride our bike through, so we'll have to run through them instead.You'll notice that there are trees we can slather Honey on. You can buy Honey in the Lapis Ward. You'll need a total of 20. If you don't have money for all of them, we can trade ice cream for them later.We can't currently complete the puzzle.The path to our right is a dead end. The path to our left is blocked by a log. To destroy the fallen trees, we'll need to slather Honey on the special treesand then take 250 steps. When we return, we'll find a Heracross fighting a Pinsir. BattlingHeracross will cause the Pinsir to show gratitude. It'll break logs for us. BattlingPinsir will cause the Heracross to be ecstatic. It'll cut down large spider webs for us. If we try to capture them, they'll knock our Pokéballs away. If you clearall the logs and webs in every part of the woods, you'll find a Pinsir and Heracross battling each other somewhere in the southern woods. They won't be near a honey tree. After defeating one, the other will ask tojoin the party. They also have Silver Powderand a Link Stonenear them.

Heracross (Level 49)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (47)

Megahorn, Close Combat, Reversal, Egg Move


Pinsir (Level 49)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (48)

Swords Dance, Thrash, Superpower, Quick Attack

As I said, we can't do this right now, so there's only one way to proceed. Continue northand you'll spot a Heracross. It'll run away before we can get close. Exit the forest,but not before healing your Pokémon.

He's here. You can see him. There's no going around him, so we might as well walk forward and allow him to talk at us. Just like Blue, Fern will now always be a badge ahead of us.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (49)

Berry Ice Cream x2

Field: Grassy Terrain

Fraxure (Level 47)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (50)

Ability: Mold Breaker

Item: Dragon Scale

Stats:HP 131/Atk 139/Def 83/SpA 55/SpD 64/Spe 80

Dragon Claw, Iron Tail, Dragon Dance, Taunt

Rhydon(Level 51)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (51)

Ability: Lightning Rod

Item: ---

Stats:HP 182/Atk 167/Def 142/SpA 65/SpD 65/Spe 54

Drill Run, Stone Edge, Hammer Arm, Fire Fang

Krookodile (Level 52)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (52)

Ability: Moxie

Item: ---

Stats:HP 173/Atk 139/Def 100/SpA 76/SpD 90/Spe 124

Dig, Brick Break, Crunch, Thunder Fang

Scyther (Level 53)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (53)

Ability: Technician

Item: ---

Stats:HP 155/Atk 154/Def 108/SpA 72/SpD 108/Spe 134

X-Scissor, Wing Attack, Swords Dance, Double Team

Roserade (Level 54)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (54)

Ability: Poison Point

Item: Leftovers

Stats:HP 140/Atk 81/Def 86/SpA 184/SpD 129/Spe 161

Giga Drain, Extrasensory, Hidden Power (Fire), Sleep Powder

Decidueye (Level 54)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (55)

Ability: Long Reach

Item: Elemental Seed (+1 Defense and applies Ingrain)

Stats:HP 187/Atk 174/Def 91/SpA 106/SpD 118/Spe 86

Sucker Punch, Leaf Blade, Spirit Shackle, Swords Dance

Having difficulty? Like the second rate trainer he is, Fern gave his Fraxure a Dragon Scale instead of a Dragon Fang. The former is used to evolve Seadra while the latter boosts Dragon-type moves. As such, his Dragon-moves won't be any more powerful than they already were.

Fraxureis a Dragon. He's weak toIce, Dragon, and Fairy attacks. The Squirtle evolution line can be taught Dragon Pulse by the Move Relearner. Consider using that if you don't have any other alternatives.

Rhydonis Ground/Rock. He's 4x more susceptible toWater and Grass attacks, weak to Fighting, Ground, Steel, and Ice attacks, and immune to Electric moves.

Krookodileis Ground/Dark. He's weak to Fighting, Bug, Water, Grass, Ice, and Fairy attacks but immune to Electric and Psychic moves.

Scytheris Bug/Flying. He's 4x more susceptible toRock attacks, weak to Fire, Electric, Ice, and Flying attacks, and immune to Ground moves.

Roseradeis Grass/Poison. She's weak toFlying, Fire, Psychic, and Ice attacks.

Decidueyeis Grass/Ghost. He's weak to Flying, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Dark attacks but immune to Normal andFighting moves.

Fern will inform us that the guards to Agate City are perpetually asleep, but there's a castle to the east where we can get our eighth badge. He's off to go find Noel. I was able to defeat Fern without a single Pokémon fainting. If you need, though, there's a Light Shard up ahead.

Route 1

Field: Grassy Terrain

New Pokémon

Deerling, Tauros, Bouffalant, Miltank, Stantler, Mudbray, Skiddo, Ponyta, Linoone

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Deerling (20%) Cherubi (20%) Tauros (10%) Bouffalant (10%) Miltank(10%) Stantler (10%) Mudbray (5%) Skiddo (5%) Audino (4%) Cherrim (4%) Gogoat (1%) Mudsdale (1%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (65)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (66)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (67)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (68)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (69)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (70)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (71)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (72)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (73)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (74)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (75)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (76)


Deerling (20%) Ponyta (20%) Tauros (10%) Bouffalant (10%) Miltank (10%) Stantler (10%) Skiddo (5%) Linoone (5%) Mudbray (4%) Audino (4%) Gogoat (1%) Mudsdale (1%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (77)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (78)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (79)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (80)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (81)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (82)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (83)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (84)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (85)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (86)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (87)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (88)


Arbok (24%) Ponyta (20%) Tauros (10%) Bouffalant (10%) Karrablast (10%) Stantler (10%) Audino (5%) Linoone (5%) Mudbray (4%) Rapidash (4%) Mudsdale (1%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (89)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (90)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (91)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (92)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (93)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (94)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (95)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (96)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (97)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (98)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (99)

The entire area is a puzzle. Throughout the land we can find Tauros and Bouffalants fighting. Defeating Tauros will cause Bouffalant to charge forward blindly, pushing forwardany fallen logs in its path. Defeating Bouffalant will cause Tauros to be grateful. They'll allow us to ride them, but they won't travel through tall grass just like our bikes. While riding a Tauros, we can jumpupledges. We can also still battle other Tauros/Bouffalant duos and interact with Pokémon in the grass.

If you interact with the wrong one, just run away. They'll still be there.Standing in front of a Bouffalant before it charges won't result in you getting run over. Luckily we have the foresight to move out of the way when we see it charging. Also, if you save while riding a Tauros, it'll show when you load your save. If at any point you need to heal, run all the way to the left and enter the building. Use a Tauros to return to your previous location. It's because the healing station is to the west that we're going in that direction first.Jump down the ledge to your left. Defeat (or capture) the Tauros. The Bouffalant will charge north and into the next area. Follow it.

North Adventurine Woods

Field: Forest

New Pokémon

Oranguru, Dewpider

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (100)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (101)


Buneary (20%) Ledyba (20%) Oranguru (10%) Panpour (10%) Pansear (10%) Pansage (10%) Pachirisu (9%) Ledian (6%) Primeape (4%) Bewear (1%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (102)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (103)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (104)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (105)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (106)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (107)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (108)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (109)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (110)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (111)


Pachirisu (24%) Buneary (20%) Oranguru (10%) Panpour (10%) Pansear (10%) Pansage (10%) Bewear (6%) Sudowoodo (6%) Primeape (4%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (112)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (113)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (114)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (115)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (116)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (117)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (118)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (119)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (120)


Paras (20%) Spinarak (20%) Oranguru (10%) Panpour (10%) Pansear (10%) Pansage (10%) Ariados (6%) Sudowoodo (5%) Bewear (5%) Primeape (4%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (121)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (122)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (123)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (124)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (125)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (126)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (127)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (128)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (129)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (130)


Combee (40%) Swablu (25%) Taillow (20%) Komala (6%) Pineco (5%) Mothim (4%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (131)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (132)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (133)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (134)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (135)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (136)

Fishing (Old Rod)


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (137)

Fishing (Good Rod)

Dewpider (80%) *Araquanid (20%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (138)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (139)

*Once our level cap reaches 60, Araquanid can be anywhere between levels 60-75

Standing on the red flowers here will cause us to fall asleep and return to the center of the route. If we have a Floral Charm, we'll encounter a Flabébéinstead. We will need at least one Floral Charm to access a different, optional location later, so keep it until then.

Flabébé(Level 20)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (140)

Fairy Wind, Lucky Chant, Razor Leaf, Wish

Return to the previous location. Defeat the next Tauros you see. The Bouffalant will charge south into the next area. Don't bother following it. Nothing's in there. If you stay north, you'll run into a second entrance for the Northern forest. Don't bother entering here as there's nothing particularly exciting. As you continue left, you should encounter Youngster Elliot. This is just to make sure you're in the correct location. Leap down the ledge to the left.

Instead of fighting the Tauros here, skip it and fight the next Tauros. The Bouffalant will crash into the log in the southern part of the forest. Additionally, giving Miltank an Oran Berry will cause it to produce Moomoo milk for us. Leap down the ledge to the left.

Up north, defeat the Tauros. Bouffalant will push the log out of the way. There's a Carbos in the bush nearby.Leap off the ledge.

Don't fight the Tauros here. Instead, head north and enter the building. A scientist will tell us that this lab is working to restore the wild Pokémon population in Reborn City. It was working with the center in Azurine Island, but as we know, that center is abandoned (most likely due to Team Meteor). A scientist on the second floor will tell us he dropped his glasses in the maze to the far east.We can also use the recovery machine on this floor to heal our Pokémon. On the top floor are some Wide Lens. Speaking to the scientist on this floor will earn us the Itemfinder.I recommend you use the Itemfinder mod so that it's always on. While you couldgo through all the previous locations we've been to, we'll be exploring the land anew far later in the game. For that reason, I won't bother mentioning items that we missed.

From the third floor, you can enter the roof. On days with inclement weather, he'll be inside on the third floor. Speak to him and he'll ask us for a Dunsparce. We can bring him multiple Dunsparce.

Dunsparce -------> Tyrogue

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (141)--------->Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (142)

Exit the buildingand leap off the ledges to the south twice. Defeat the Tauros and the Bouffalant will charge north. Everything is now out of the way in this portion of the map. Go all the way south and enter the wall to reset the Tauros and Bouffalants.

Hop on a Tauros and jump east. Make your way around to every portion of the forest, both northern and southern, destroying the logs and spider webs by defeating the correct Pokémon. It should be noted that the log or spider web in question must be visible from the honey tree. In total, you should clear 9obstacles from the southern part of the forest and 1obstacles from the northern part of the forest before moving to the right of where we first entered. Once you clear a tree location, try to ride a Tauros through new areas that you couldn't access before. One of the southern forest locations has soft soil with a Sitrus Berry tree growing on it. You can plant berries here for them to grow and water them with your Wailmer Pail. A path in the southern forest will contain Tech Glasses. You can find by going through the path we first came through from Tanzan Mountain. Here is a picture of their location:


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (143)

This location also houses a Link Stone in the bush over there. Return the Tech Glasses to the scientist in the research facility and he'll reward us with an Obsidian Department Sticker (7/9).

Once you get past this part of the northern forest


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (144)

you'll find a cave entrance.

Celestine Cascade

New Pokémon

Buizel, Delibird, Wishiwashi, Qwilfish

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (145)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (146)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (147)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (148)

Basem*nt Floor 2

Buizel (24%) Swinub (20%) Cubchoo (14%) Floatzel (11%) Beartic (10%) Piloswine (10%) Alolan Sandshrew (5%) Alolan Sandslash (5%) Delibird (1%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (149)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (150)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (151)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (152)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (153)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (154)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (155)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (156)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (157)

Fishing (Old Rod)

Finneon (70%) Wishiwashi (30%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (158)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (159)

Fishing (Good Rod)

Remoraid (60%) Clauncher (20%) Qwilfish (20%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (160)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (161)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (162)

There're 2mining stones in here. The ice here is like the ice in any other portion of the game. Starting from the far left side of the stairs, go up, left, down, right, down, and right. If I'm not mistaken, this is where you can evolve Eevee into a Glaceon. From this platform, go straight right, up, then left. You'll gain information about anIcy Field. Go straight left, down, right, down, left, down, right, up, left, up, and right. This will place you back on the snow patch. Take a single step up and slide left, down, and left to access the stairs. Continue going north and you'll find an Ice Stone. Never heard of it before? Me neither. Apparently it evolves Alolan Sandshrew/Alolan Vulpix into their evolved forms. That's all that can be done here, so go ahead and exit back into Route 1.

Return to the location where we first entered. Defeat the Tauros so that the Bouffalant will charge to the right. Grab a Tauros and jump up the ledge.The firstbush contains a Nuggetand the second contains an interesting item as well.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (163)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (164)

Defeat this Tauros so theBouffalant charges south. Enter the southern forest, jump up the ledge, hop off the Tauros, and walk through the tall grass. While walking, take the path to your right, using a Floral Charmto stay awake.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (165)

At the end of this path is a bush. Inside the bush is an Oddishweed. We can give this to the lady in Lapis Ward. She'll use this to cure her sick husband. Unfortunately, she's not at her house, currently.Slather honey on the next tree and defeat a Heracross so that Pinsir will destroy the log for us. Return to Route 1 and continue moving to the right until you encounter a hiker up north. Defeat the Tauros so theBouffalant moves into the northern woods. Slather honey on the tree to the right and defeat a Pinsir to destroy the spiderweb. To the northwest is another honey tree that requires a Heracross. Continue through the tall grass and, before entering the house, walk behind it and around the headbutt tree to receive Pikanium-Z. Enter the house.

There are a lot of Pikachus here. Go upstairs and speak with the man inside. This is Nyu, and he created the PC system in Reborn. He'll ask to heal our Pikachus by which he means our team. I'm uncertain if he'll say anything different if we actually have a Pikachu in our team. Aside from that, we can feed him ice cream in order to receive honey. If we give him Blue Moon Ice Cream, he'll reward us with mega stones for Pinsir and Heracross.However, we don't have a mega ring, so they're useless.

Move west of the house and slather honey on the tree twice, employing the use of each Pokémon. The path on the left contains TM07 Hail. The path on the right contains aLeaf Stone.

Return to Route 1 and continue moving to the right. Just before the ledges start leading down, enter the northern woods. You'll find a lady with red hair talking to a Team Meteor Grunt.Walk towards them and she'll notice us.

You saw that just now, didn't you?


Don't bother lying.


Don't assume you know what's going on.

As far as I'm aware, there is no alteration in the story should we say yes or no. For the sake of the guide, we saw that just now. The lady will go off on us telling us to stay out of her business and storms off. Return to Route 1 and continue going to the right. Don't forget to pick up the PP Up or theHeart Scale.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (166)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (167)

Wecan defeat the Tauros near the end of this area to cause the Bouffalant to charge north. Enter the northern forest and take the right path. The log was pushed further up, and a Pinsir can destroy it to let our Tauros through. The route to the left also requires a Pinsir. Jump up this western path to find a place to plant more Berries as well as aGreat Ballin the bush to the left. The scientist here will give us information about a Grassy Field.

The path on the right will yield a Sharp Beak. If we aren't on a Tauros, we can squeeze through the path on the right and grab the Tiny Mushroom in the bush up above. We'll need to return to this location later when we have the TM for Surf.Return to Route 1 and defeat the Tauros to allow the Bouffalant into the southern woods. Follow the linear path and slather honey on the tree twice to summon both of the Pokémon. We can't go down either of these paths, but this'll help us out should we get stuck later on.

Fun little thing I noticed. The map seems break or something right here.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (168)

Continue all the way to the right and we'll finally reach the end of this area. If you go north, you'll see that the guards are all asleep, just like Fern said. Return to Route 1. To the right is an area we need Rock Climb for. Move south to enter thelabyrinth.

Vanhanen Labyrinth

Field: ???

New Pokémon


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (169)

Girafarig (24%) Ponyta (20%) Deerling (15%)Stantler(15%) Kecleon (14%)Skiddo(10%) Furfrou

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (170)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (171)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (172)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (173)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (174)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (175)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (176)

This won't be easy to navigate through.Right, south, right, north, south, and you'll reach a dead end with a buried Dusk Ball.

Return to the entrance.Right, south, right, south, and left into the dead end. You'll find a buried Timer Ball.

Entrance. South all the way, west all the way, south, west, south, west, north to find a Rare Candy. Instead of going north, go south, right all the way, north, and into the western dead end to find aNugget. From here, go south then west all the way before going north into the dead end. You'll find information about a Chess Arena.

Entrance. East, south, east, west, north, east, and south into the dead end to find aTiny Mushroom. Exit the dead end and go south to the bottom path. Enter the last northern exit on the far left. At the end of this path is aQuick Ball. Skip the first northern exit you come across and take the next one to enter the castle.

We'll run into a blonde girl who tells us to follow her. Use the healing machine and the PC machine and prepare for a battle. Speak with the blonde girl again. We'll encounter the very Gardevoir that's been hosting a few channels on the T.V. The man will introduce himself as Radomus and the blonde girl as his daughter, Luna. Gardevoir has been watching our playthrough and relays this to us. If we joined one of the gangs, she'll even make comment on this. Radomus will request to speak with us alone.

He knows Luna's father, El,is looking for her. Luna appeared on Radomus' door one day and claimed to be his daughter. Having no other family anymore, he accepted her. El has come many times to retrieve Luna, but Radomus has refused, afraid that El has abused her in the past. Luna will interrupt, mentioning that someone else has arrived at the castle. Our friend Cain will appear. He states that a man in Ametrine City named Blake adopted Heather. Cain is also here to challenge the gym, but we can only battle on at a time. For that reason, we'll have to defeat Cain before we can fight Radomus.

Pretty Boy Cain

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (177)

Field: Chess Board

Moomoo Milk x2

Alolan Muk (Level 52)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (178)

Ability: Poison Touch

Item: Lum Berry

Stats:HP 186/Atk 141/Def 98/SpA 87/SpD 124/Spe 64

Gunk Shot, Knock Off, Minimize, Rest

Mimikyu (Level 53)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (179)

Ability: Disguise

Item: ---

Stats:HP 147/Atk 126/Def 116/SpA 75/SpD 142/Spe 146

Shadow Claw, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance

Meowstic(Level 54)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (180)

Ability: Competitive

Item: Wise Glasses

Stats:HP 165/Atk 70/Def 108/SpA 116/SpD 114/Spe 151

Psychic,Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Light Screen

Alolan Marowak (Level 54)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (181)

Ability: Lightning Rod

Item: Thick Club

Stats:HP 147/Atk 121/Def 142/SpA 77/SpD 110/Spe 72

Flare Blitz, Stomping Tantrum, Shadow Bone, Will-O-Wisp

Primarina (Level 54)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (182)

Ability: Torrent

Item: ---

Stats:HP 177/Atk 100/Def 112/SpA 184/SpD 157/Spe 97

Moonblast, Sparkling Aria, Blizzard, Reflect

Nidoking (Level 55)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (183)

Ability: Sheer Force

Item: ---

Stats:HP 171/Atk 184/Def 106/SpA 103/SpD 104/Spe 150

Earthquake, Double Kick, Poison Tail, Megahorn

Having difficulty?

Alolan Mukis Poison/Dark. He's weak to Ground attacks but immune to Psychic moves.

Mimikyuis Ghost/Fairy. She's weak to Ghost and Steel attacks but immune to Normal, Fighting, and Dragon moves.

Meowsticis Psychic. She's weak to Bug, Ghost, and Dark attacks. Due to her ability, trying to lower any of her stats will raise her special attack by two stages, so avoid doing that if possible.

Alolan Marowakis Fire/Ghost. He's weak to Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Dark attacks but immune to Normal and Fighting moves.

Primarinais Water/Fairy. He's weak toPoison, Grass, and Electric attacks but immune to Dragon moves.

Nidokingis Poison/Ground. He's weak toGround, Water, Psychic, and Ice attacks but immune to Electric moves.

Cain has absolutely no problem losing to us. He's fine with waiting. Luna will emerge from within the gym and state that she can't find Gardevoir. A trip to the foyer produces a letter from El. He's kidnapped Gardevoir and demands Luna in return. Radomus proposes that we do nothing, much to the annoyance of Cain. The latter stomps off to find Gardevoir alone. Luna wants to go as well, but Ramodus advises her to remain her. He transforms into his detective outfit and dashes off. Follow after him and we'll find him speaking to Cain. Cain is still upset that Radomus shows no concern for Gardevoir, but the gym leader's position stands. The two leave, and we're meant to return to the and head straight south into the wall. We'll spot El. Follow him west and the other two will appear. Squeeze past the gear on the ground. Radomus will get stuck for a moment before forcing himself past, knocking Cain into the hole. Speak with Radomus and we'll jump in after him.

The first red shard we come across has a Star Piece in it.Move south and speak with Radomus. Apparently Cain already went ahead. While descending, grab the Stardust here.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (184)

You may have noticed that we're under The Grand Stairway. The encountered Pokémon here are the same as that location, so I won't bother repeating them. Grab theBig Pearlhere.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (185)

Move all the way to the right and enter the next area. This room contains a mining stone. The path is rather linear from here, so keep moving. Grab the Stardust and Star Piecesand mine the mining stones nearby.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (186)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (187)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (188)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (189)

Exit into the Citae Astrae. We'll be confronted by a silver-haired person.Gardevoir insists that Radomus kidnapped and brainwashed Luna while also being a terrible trainer. She'll refer to the human as Adrienn and will continue to drag Radomus' name through the mud. We'll then be labeled as a thief and the Pokémon will retrieve the Amethyst Pendant from us, stating that both the pendant and the Ruby Ring belong to El. The two will retreat momentarily. Cain will ask Radomus if he really did the cruel things he's been accused of, but Radomus says he did nothing of the sort. Radomus and Cain will give chase, leaving us in the new area.

Citae Astrae

New Pokémon

Drowzee, Baltoy,Elgyem,Claydol, Hypno, Natu, Xatu, Sigilyph

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (190)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (191)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (192)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (193)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (194)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (195)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (196)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (197)


Field: Crystal Cavern

Unown (44%) Drowzee (20%) Baltoy (20%) Elgyem (14%) Claydol (1%) Hypno (1%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (198)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (199)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (200)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (201)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (202)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (203)

Top Floor

Unown (64%) Natu (20%) Xatu (10%) *Sigilyph (6%)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (204)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (205)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (206)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (207)

*There are only two locations in the game to get Sigilyph, and this is one of them. Once we exit, we can't return, so make sure to catch it now because it won't be until after our 14th badge that we encounter another.

There are more Star Pieces and mining stones sprinkled around the area, but if I were to upload a picture for all of them, I would run out of data in this chapter. I will state that this rock contains aShiny Stone, however.


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (208)

The Pokémon in this area are high level, and Unowns give lots of experience. Feel free to take the time to grind all your Pokémon to level 58. Trust me. You'll need it.Enter the building and walk forward. El, Gardevoir, and Adrienn open one of the doors using the Amethyst Pendant and retreat. Radomus instructs us to open the red door.Keep going and we'll encounter a puzzle. We need to find out everyone's light affiliation. Both Chimcar and Monferno are dark while Infernape is light. Proceed. We can backtrack through the purple room to find aRare Candy. In the following room, Adrienn will ask if we'll willingly give up the Ruby Ring.

Adrienn: Will you give it to me?


Cain: Woah, what are you saying, <player>? That belongs to Heather. You can't just give it away!


Cain: That's right! No way you're getting that ring!

For the sake of the guide, we're not giving up the ring. I don't believe it makes a change in the story regardless. Apparently Adrienn fell down here while checking the Grand Gates an hour ago, though the gates have been closed for much longer than that. Radomus will produce the ransom note to prove our innocence. With Adrienn on our side, we can continue through the ruby door. Tyrogue is light, Hitmonchan is dark, Hitmonlee is light, and Hitmontop is dark. Proceed and use the light shard to heal.

Confront El.Adrienn demands answers, but El isn't interested in giving any. He states that this holy place is where Arceus was born. If you weren't aware, Arceus is the being that is believed to have created the universe in Pokémon. According to El, a meteor crashed onto Earth containing Arceus. El states that if we could create another Arceus, we would use it to smite everyone. From the ashes, he intends to build a new world. Gardevoir will continue to cry dramatically about how terrible Radomus has been, and both Adrienn and Cain will be disgusted by how apathetic he seems to be. Cain will ask us who we should side with.

Cain: Should we side with El, or with Radomus?


Cain: Yeah. That definitely makes most sense, considering what Gardevoir says about him. It's his own Pokémon, after all.

Radomus: Hm... You still can't tell? I'm disappointed, <player>. I had thought you might have been able to tell the difference, since you met her before.

Adrienn: What are you talking about?

Radomus: <player>, Cain, aren't there any differences between how Gardevoir acted with me, than how she acts with El?

Cain: She said that's just because she was putting on a facade the whole time though.

Ramodus: Ah, that could be the case. Or it could be because that's not my Gardevoir.Isn't it, El?

Cain: Huh?

Adrienn: What? But it said...

If you side with El, you won't have to win the upcoming battle. The story will continue despite losing.


Cain: All right. I'll trust you on that one, <player>.

Radomus: Very good. I am relieved that I am not the only one to whom this charade is transparent.

Adrienn: Charade? What are you talking about?

Radomus: Isn't your reason for remaining with El the accusations of my Gardevoir? However, you've never met her.

Adrienn: But she's right there. She's been talking all along.

Radomus: Is she, really? El?

For the sake of the story, we're siding with Radomus. Gardevoir will revert to her original shape as a Ditto. El will commend Radomus on seeing through the farce, an ironic statement given the revelation that El himself is blind. Or rather, he was before. After praying to Arceus, El was given vision. Now that he's cornered, El will call upon the strength of Arceus once more.

Parson El

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (209)

Field:Crystal Cavern

Full Heal x2

Arceus (Level 75)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (210)

Ability: Multitype

Item: Leftovers

Stats:HP 280/Atk 200/Def 200/SpA 220/SpD 200/Spe 180

Judgment, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Recover

Having difficulty? Arceus is a Normal-type. It's weak to Fighting attacks but immune to Ghost moves. Despite having immense attack, it'll only use special moves. Using Pokémon who have great special defense will help to an extent. Judgment is a powerful Normal-type move. With the bonus from STAB and the crystals charging the attack, the move probably has a power of over 200. Try shattering the crystals or transforming the field if you're having difficulty. Moves that can accomplish this includeDark Pulse, Dark Void, Night Daze, Magnitude, Earthquake, Bulldoze, and Tectonic Rage.

Additionally, Judgment will randomly become a Water, Fire, Grass, or Psychic move due to the field. Consider using Pokémon who are immune or resistant to these types. Dragon types are resistant to all but Psychic moves. Electric/Steel Pokémon like Magneton are resistant to all but the Fire version, which is twice as effective.If all else fails, Judgment only has 10 PP. El has 2 Full Heals, but they won't restore Judgment's PP once it's all used up. If you've been going to the lottery every day, you'll probably have a ton of Full Restores and maybe even a few Max Revives (assuming you've been catching Pokémon).

If you'd like, you can use any of the Pokémon we used to deal with the Garchomp to defeat Arceus. Personally, I taught everyone on my team Confide using the TM we received a while ago. Confide lowers the target's special attack by one stage. Once Dittoceus was down two special attack levels, Bahamut (Garchomp) was able to survive 2 hits easily. That allowed me to heal up my team to continue the strategy.

Once Judgment is out of use, Dittoceus will start using its other abilities which are much more predictable and weaker. With its weakened special attack, my other Pokémon were able to survive the fight. I had intended to use Crunch and Rock Smash to lower its defense before throwing in Raz (Gallade), but its special attack was so weak that I felt it was unneeded. Two Swords Dances nearly maxed out his strength and Close Combat ended the fight in a single blow. Everyone on my team save for Amaterasu (Houndoom) knew Confide. She was able to soak up Judgement if it did Fire damage thanks to Flash Fire and was immune to it if it did Psychic damage. I'll reteach everyone their proper moves once we leave this area.

Finally, here's the team I fought with.

Current Team


Maxed Atk/Spd EVs

Maxed SpA/Spd EVs

Maxed Def/SpAEVs


Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (211)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (212)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (213)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (214)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (215)Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (216)

With the battle over, the question of where the true Gardevoir is remains. On his command, Gardevoir teleports to Radomus. She is then instructed to put El to sleep. Radomus changes into a police outfit and prepares to take El to the station. He states the only reason he came here was because Luna requested it of him. With everything settled, Gardevoir will teleport everyone back to the entrance. Except us.

Don't forget to catch a Sigilyph here if you're looking for one. As we leave, we'll hear a voice asking us to come back and play again sometime. Return to the Grand Gate. We'll notice that it's open and the crew will decide to go investigate. With the gate open, we now have a quick access point between Route 1 and North Obsidia. Step into North Obsidia. Adrienn is in shock, having been trapped under the staircase for years. Time flows differently down there, so seeing the ruined city is a bit jarring.Go to the Coral Ward and speak with Adriennwho discovers that the Coral gym is, in fact, still destroyed. During the restoration project, the building was left untouched due to its significance as a historical building. As Radomus puts it, Adrienn was stuck in time under the Gates. The Gates have been out of commission for over a decade. The chess master deducts that since the Citae Astrae contains Arceus' birth meteor, it is under strange effects. Finally, heconcludes that the only reason we didn't get stuck by the same temporal trap is because we had the keys.

Adrienn vows to fix the entire mess of a city and leaves to speak with Ame. Everyone else intends to return to the castle for the gym battles. It's at this point that Cain offers to walk back with us. If we accept, we'll be teleported to the gym. If not, we'll be allowed to do whatever else we need to do to prepare for the gym. Returning to Route 1 from The Grand Gates will place us near a Tauros that's gone wild. Riding it will take us instantly to the labyrinth.Once you're ready, head into Radomus' castle.

Luna will rejoice at Gardevoir's return. Radomus will change outfits and bring in El, who know believes himself to be a butler named Elias. It seems the accusations of Radomus possessing the ability to brainwash someone weren't false after all. Distraught at the sight of her father, Luna absconds. Radomus retrieves the Amethyst Pendant from the new butler and, after breaking the fourth wall, learns of the Pendant's origins. He pockets the Pendant for safekeeping and leaves us. Heal up and enter his gym.

As a chess player who has amassed a large fortune, Radomus has made his gym in the format of a chess board. To progress, we must place the opposing side in checkmate. However, the standard chess icons are replaced with Pokémon equivalents, making this all the more confusing. Generally in chess, the columns are labelled A-H from left to right and the rows are numbered 1-8 from bottom to top. Therefore, the top leftmost corner is A8 and the bottom rightmost corner is H1. I will be using this grid system to refer to which piece needs to be moved.

The pieces aren't the only things that are different. As special rules, Radomus cannot move his pieces, but we may not capture any. Once the king is defeated, we'll have to defeat a trainer. The room to the left contains information about each chess piece for those unfamiliar with the game. There is also a Psychic Memory in this room. Ready to begin?

Room 1

A1 ---> A2

A2---> A3

A3 ---> A4

A4 ---> A5

A5 ---> A6

A6 ---> A7

A7 ---> A8

A8 ---> B8

B8 ---> C8

C8 ---> D8

D8 ---> E8

E8 ---> F8

E1 ---> F1

F1 ---> G1

G1 ---> H1

H1 ---> H2

H2 ---> H3

H3 ---> H4

H4 ---> H5

H5 ---> H6


Rather than constantly typing A1 ---> A2 ---> A3, I'm just going to combine all pathways for a single piece. Otherwise it would take me longer to write out this part of the chapter than it did for me to figure out this part of the guide. As such, the first set of instructions become A1 ---> F8.

Room 2

B2 ---> E5

A1 ---> C8

F2 --->B4


Room 3

F2 ---> F3

G2 ---> G8

Promote to Knight

G8 ---> A6

C2 ---> C5

G1 ---> B6

A2 ---> A5


Room 4

F3 ---> D5

B3 ---> B8

Promote to Bishop

D5 ---> C8

B8 ---> E5

C8 ---> E7

B1 ---> B3

F1 ---> E4


With that dealt with, we'll need to prepare for a double battle.

Grandmaster Radomus

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (217)

Field: Chess Board

Ultra Potion x2

Reunicles (Level 53)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (218)

Ability: Magic Guard

Item: Leftovers

Stats:HP 195/Atk 90/Def 100/SpA 168/SpD 111/Spe 47

Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Trick Room

Gallade (Level 53)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (219)

Ability: Justified

Item: Muscle Band

Stats:HP 153/Atk 173/Def 94/SpA 94/SpD 147/Spe 99

Strength, Close Combat, Knock Off, Destiny Bond

Malamar (Level 54)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (220)

Ability: Contrary

Item: Light Clay

Stats:HP 178/Atk 139/Def 121/SpA 100/SpD 107/Spe 94

Superpower, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Reflect

Slowking (Level 55)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (221)

Ability: Regenerator

Item: Leftovers

Stats:HP 194/Atk 112/Def 118/SpA 154/SpD 151/Spe 56

Scald, Psychic, Nasty Plot,Trick Room

Metagross (Level 56)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (222)

Ability: Clear Body

Item: Assault Vest

Stats:HP 184/Atk 202/Def 179/SpA 139/SpD 134/Spe 99

Zen Headbutt, Meteor Mash, Ice Punch,Strength

Gardevoir (Level 60)

Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0] (223)

Ability: Trace

Item: Synthetic Seed (+1 Special Attack and applies Magic Coat)

Stats:HP 170/Atk 101/Def 101/SpA 211/SpD 177/Spe 143

Psychic, Moonblast, Calm Mind, Wish

Having difficulty?Do not let Radomus set up a trick room.With the field we're battling on, it'll last for 8 turns. Only Slowking and Reincules know Trick Room, so take them out as soon as you see them.Aside from that, moves like Psychic which use the terrain will gain bonus damage and turn into a Rock-type attack. Feint Attack gains an increased 50% damage and is super effective against almost all his Pokémon, so consider bringing a Houndoom or someone who knows the move.

Reinculesis Psychic. He's weak toBug, Ghost, and Dark attacks.

Galladeis Psychic/Fighting. He's weak toFlying, Ghost, and Fairy attacks.

Malamaris Dark/Psychic. She's 4x more susceptible to Bug attacksand weak to Fairy attacks. She's also immune to Psychic attacks. She'll use Superpower to raise her attack and defense, so if she's already starting to bulk up a lot, use someone with high special attack for her.

Slowkingis Water/Psychic. He's weak to Bug, Ghost, Grass, Electric, and Dark attacks.

Metagrossis Steel/Psychic. It's weak to Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark attacks but immune to Poison moves.

Gardevoiris Psychic/Fairy. She's weak toPoison, Ghost, and Steel attacks but immune to Dragon moves.

With our victory comes the Millenium Badge. Pokémon level 65 and below will obey us and we'll be rewarded with TM92 Trick Room.Luna explains that she, too, is a gym leader, but before we can change locations, the lights go out. Everyone will leave, so go to the front of the castle.

I mistakenly posted this section three times. I don't know if it alerts you all when I edit a post, but I'll be editing those sections just as I did for previous ones since you can't delete answers.

Chapter 11 Progress

100% (Last updated: 5/15)

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